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    T-100 dash lights

    First thing I checked, lol Well I checked the dash last night and it was much better. I think those blackened bulbs could have been the problem. Also, the truck sits outside 24-7 and the inst. panel is pretty faded from the sun. Maybe that's why it looks dim and washed out.
  2. RWD

    T-100 dash lights

    Hi guys, Thanks for the help. With your help I opened it up and found that all of the bulbs were working but a few turned very dark on the inside. I replaced all of the bulbs that stay on when the headlights go on but left the idiot lights alone (but checked them) I'll have to wait till tonight...
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    T-100 dash lights

    I have a 93 T-100 and the dash lights that light up the instrument cluster, gauges, etc are very dim or burned out. I can barely see them. I'd like to replace the bulbs. What's involved? Hopefully it's a few screws. I don't have a FSM, just a Haynes manual and it's not too helpful. Can I get...
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    Clutch Pedal Bracket

    Mine broke too on my 93 T-100. A while back but I don't recall any problems replacing it.
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    clutch grinding..need advice

    Another thing to look into is the shift lever seat. The nylon parts become brittle after a while and break into many little pieces. This will make it very hard to shift between gears or even put the trans in gear. heres something to read:
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    T-100 timing belt change

    I'll be changing the timing belt on my V-6 3.0 93 T 100 soon and want to know what other parts I should change while I'm in there. So far I got: T belt water pump idler pully (next to water pump) The truck has 152,000 miles on it and the last time the belt was changed was at 75K when the...
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    85' 4x4 squeaky front end

    There is a known issue for Toyota trucks that may be causing the squeak. There are a few bolt-like things near the front axle that limit the amount the axle can move when you turn the steering wheel. They should have a plastic cap on the bolt head that acts as a cushion andprevents squeaks...
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    csb in T

    That's what I need to replace the wimpy 3.0 in my 93 T-100!
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