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  1. Speedytech7

    For Sale Washington: Toyota OEM RS3000 Grey Remote

    Hello fellow mudders, trying to get my Keyless working in my 80 series again and I bought this remote thinking it was a Black case remote which is the one compatible with my TVSS/TDSE system, unfortunately for me this is the grey one that is more commonly compatible with the 95-97 80 series with...
  2. Speedytech7

    Speedytech7's "I can't believe it's not modded" FZJ80

    Well after I rolled my 95 Tacoma wheeling in Oregon this beautiful 1993 Land Cruiser fell into my lap and now I guess I have to make another forum account and build thread. Maybe I'll remember to update this one more than my Taco. It is a triple locked, automatic transmission, 6cyl short bus...
  3. Speedytech7

    1993 Land Cruiser Idle issues after a bath

    Hello mudders, I'm new to posting on mud but I've been a lurker for a long time, and I'm a frequent contributor on TacomaWorld. Hoping that your guys' knowledge can help me find a solution to my issue. I'm pretty seasoned when it comes to working on Yotas but the Land Cruiser is newer to me, I...
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