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  1. SuperDuperCruizer

    FREE Worn Bottom Seat Cover 79-84 40-series

    Free + shipping for the people stitching together seat covers from worn sets.
  2. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale Brown 60-series Front Seat Parts

    One brown head rest in excellent condition. $40 plus shipping from 20912
  3. SuperDuperCruizer

    Wanted (Found) Basket Case Front Seats FJ60

    Looking for seats so trashed your contemplating throwing them out. I’m looking for bottom seat frames. I’m not looking for salvageable seats and the cheaper the better.
  4. SuperDuperCruizer

    79+ Seat Part Plastic Spring Retainer Info.

    Just powder coated my seat frames. Currently, I’m reassembling them. Does anyone know of a source for these?
  5. SuperDuperCruizer

    Mud Ship Vegas to MD or VA or NC?

    Looking for someone driving to the east coast with the ability to carry a 9ft longboard surfboard with them.
  6. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale 1FZ Air Intake Hose & MAF

    $80 plus shipping from zip 20912 Air intake hose 17881-66080 MAF 22250-66050
  7. SuperDuperCruizer

    Wanted 3-way Brake Line Junction (Found)

    Looking for the following 3-way brake line junction (1 brake hose, 2 ports for hard lines) as pictured. M10 x 1.0 threads all around:
  8. SuperDuperCruizer

    Apollo Semaphore Turn Signals (made in Japan)

    Are these original equipment? No affiliation, just thought I’d post this up for those searching for a set. RARE APOLLO SEMAPHORE TURN SIGNAL 6V & 12V FJ40 FJ25 FJ45 | eBay
  9. SuperDuperCruizer

    Wanted BJ42 Front Axle Brake Lines to copy in Stainless will return w/Stainless copies for free.

    Looking for the two hard lines that mount to the front axle of a left hand drive BJ42. I’ve traced the one’s I’m looking for in red within the attached picture. The correct lines will meet at the union located on the driver side of the axle. For your kindness, I’ll make a copy in stainless...
  10. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale Early Side View Mirror Arm

    $30 shipping included to the lower 48 states.
  11. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale Nippon Denso & National Air Conditioning Parts (Price Drop)

    I was saving these for a period correct 40-series AC setup. $300 takes everything pictured. Shipping included to the lower 48 states. Blower Assembly (Nippon Denso OEM) Blower Assembly & Mount (National) AC Controller (National) AC Wiring Harness (National)
  12. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale 81 FJ40 OEM Bottle Jack

    Came with my US market 1981 FJ40. $60 + shipping:
  13. SuperDuperCruizer

    EPC explanation please...

    Found what I’m hoping is a NOS Toyota 3B gasket set. Does (SUBS) means, “substitute“ and does this mean the 056035 P/N is the final iteration of the gasket set? Can someone kindly explain what (SUBS) means in the following: No PNC# (SUB) OEM part number Required per car Production period...
  14. SuperDuperCruizer

    SOLD Early Inspection Light

    $200, shipping included. Sat in an early FJ40’s glovebox and the cord does not appear to have been unwound. I have not cleaned or altered the part. What you see is how I found it.
  15. SuperDuperCruizer

    Avoid Scammer mudterrain75

    Avoid @mudterrain75 Bad news all around: For Sale - (NEW) Nippon Denso Cooling Unit for 40 series As a buyer: Do not hold onto parts for mudterrain75
  16. SuperDuperCruizer

    Wanted Trade 70-series PTO drive shafts for late 40-series PTO drive shafts

    I have a complete set of 70-series PTO drive shafts I would like to trade for the correct 40-series drive shafts. I also have a spare split case PTO gearbox. PM me if you‘re interested. I’l update the ad with photos.
  17. SuperDuperCruizer

    SOLD NOS 40-Series Power Steering Gearbox Housing and/SST (Optional)

    Was planning on using this for another project that never materialize. $550 + shipping from 20912
  18. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale OEM FJ40 power steering cooling line (Used)

    Used: OEM FJ40 power steering cooling line As pictured, $100 + shipping from 20912
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