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    Rear camera set up

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    Vent temps....heater on. Whatcha got?

    I used to get 160f at the vents using the same thermometer but did a coolant flush and must have introduced a air pocket somewhere. For the past 2 years since the flush mine will only get to 120f in the winter (ambient temp raining from 25 to 40f). I flushed the core after and still no change.
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    EGR VSV Success on my LX450 (fj80)

    My CEL has been on the past year and it was time for the emissions check. ObdII said P0401 leading to this post. Changed the vsv and drove a few miles. Dropped into the emissions garage and passed!! Btw, that bracket that blocks the vsv was a royal pain to remove.
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    ARB Bull Bar will not fit

    Same here. I installed an arb this year and it didn't slip on easily. Used a sledge hammer, wd-40, grease and 2 other friends to slide it on.
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    LX 570 HID Headlight retrofit

    For the archives. Updated picture of headlight caps.
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    Are any of you daily driving their 80-Series?

    I rotate between my 01' audi s4 and the 80. My daily commute is about 30miles round trip so it's not bad. Fill up between the both is negligible since the Audi takes 93 octane and I always go to Costco for fuel as it's the lowest price in town. Maintenance costs are higher on the Audi for the...
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    A/C Recharge with 3 Charge Ports ?? 1997 LX450

    This. The blue hose is the low side that is used for filling.
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    97 lx450 hesitates to move when wheels are turned

    Sounds like the center diff is locked
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    RTH: no start no clicks

    Update for future tips. The existing reman starter was installed by the Lexus dealer about 120k miles and ~10yrs ago. So this is starter number 3. Just for prices. Called a local Lexus dealer and they were charging $1300!... but hey I get a loaner. Called a local mom and pop shop and they...
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    RTH: no start no clicks

    Geez thanks! Almost had a heart attack when I saw it. Can't believe I missed that. I really need to get new glasses. :p
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    RTH: no start no clicks

    Looking at the starter from the bottom. It appears that the bottom bolt had sheared off from the last install. Please tell me that the starter will come out if the top bolt is removed? Or is the bolt threaded into the shaft of the starter? Pic is from the bottom looking up. I believe the bolt...
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    RTH: no start no clicks

    Got it started! I kept knocking on the starter and it finally turned over. Symptoms: turn key and no response. No clicks. Voltage gauge would dip a bit but that's it. Time to buy some parts! Thanks all
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    RTH: no start no clicks

    Tapped the starter and no clicks or anything 290k. Any tips?
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    Micro-Tube Parallel Flow Condenser

    One thing I haven't read yet is PAG oil. I replaced my condenser and drier last year and added the appropriate amount amount of PAG oil directly to the condenser and pulled a vacuum. Everything worked as it should but I did notice that in high 90's plus humidity it took about 10 mins of highway...
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    Looking for a brush guard/grill guard

    ARB makes one and it's stout. Google it and you'll find a bunch of distributors. I got mine from
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    Just curious, what's your OTHER vehicle?

    Only 4wd's in my house.
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    LED interior lighting upgrade

    Just an FYI. When I used no name brand leds from eBay I had static on my radio and my keyless remote had issues recognizing when I would touch the handle in the winter time or when it rained. I swapped all of my inside bulbs to Philips brand leds and the problem went away. Most of which were...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    This. PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher - Power Polishing Tools -
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Got tired of looking at weathered doors. 5mins+PC+meguiars 105 = shine
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    What is involved in swapping the rear hatch glass?

    I wouldn't mess around with the gasket and removal of the glass if it's good. Could risk breaking the glass when either removing or reinstalling and open up a can of worms. Why don't you try to remove the privacy tint? How to remove Lexus Lx450 rear glass factory tint.
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