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  1. Jbomb76

    Wanted WTB a 79 FJ40 air horn.

    WTB a 79 FJ40 air horn.
  2. Jbomb76

    SOLD 1979 FJ40 Ambulance doors

    Shipping quote to 88011
  3. Jbomb76

    For Sale Huge FJ40-45 Parts Collection For Sale! Unobtanium!

    A set of yellow jack rods?
  4. Jbomb76

    SOLD 76 fj40 misc. small parts - ✅it out

    Ok thank you
  5. Jbomb76

    SOLD FJ40 Rubber Floor Mat - San Diego

    I’ll take it.
  6. Jbomb76

    SOLD 76 fj40 misc. small parts - ✅it out

    How much for the radio delete plate?
  7. Jbomb76

    SOLD Fredericksburg, VA FJ4X Brush Guard

    I’ll take it.
  8. Jbomb76

    SOLD Fredericksburg, VA FJ4X Brush Guard

    Do you have more pictures? Is it the guard for the SOR bumper as in the picture?
  9. Jbomb76

    Jerry can holder

  10. Jbomb76

    Jerry can holder

    I was given two Jerry can holders with the purchase of my ‘79 FJ40. The owner told me they were Toyota, but have only been able to find one picture to illustrate it. By what I can tell they look more like the Jeep Willie holders. Please let me know.
  11. Jbomb76

    ‘79 FJ40 carburetor

    Awesome. I’ll send both of them to you Mark. Thank you
  12. Jbomb76

    ‘79 FJ40 carburetor

    Current set up.
  13. Jbomb76

    ‘79 FJ40 carburetor

    Asking for assistance in identifying which of these two carburetors is the one that goes to my rig. Is one better than the other, And why? I’ve done my search, but haven’t found the information. Thank you in advance. 04/1979 Both as TEQ AISIN Japan carburetors: #21100-6130 #21100-6105
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