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  1. mattressking

    SOLD Boise, ID: Fj40 intake air horn

    Good condition air horn. $175 shipped.
  2. mattressking

    For Sale Boise, ID: Fj40 jack handle brackets

    Great condition jack handle brackets. $90 shipped.
  3. mattressking

    For Sale Boise, ID: 80-87 Fj60 2F exhaust manifold

    Good exhaust manifold, heater flap rotates smoothly. No issues, just clearing out unneeded parts. Can have it blasted and cerakoted for extra if someone wants it done. $100 + shipping or local pickup.
  4. mattressking

    For Sale Boise, Idaho: Fj40 4.10 differentials

    Front and rear diffs from a 40. 4.10 ratio $250 each or $450 for the pair. Located outside Boise, ID.
  5. mattressking

    Wanted Fj40 Rear Axle Vent/Brake Union - 90404-10013

    Apparently struck out here...twice. Looking for the below union for the rear axle on a 40. Threads through the brake tube union into the axle and has a hose barb for vent hose. Hopefully someone has a clean one for me.
  6. mattressking

    SOLD OEM Fj40 Soft Top Bows

    What I expected to be of use, isn't needed so I'd rather see someone put these to good use than sit idly. Surface rust, but no pinholes or actual rust. No damage or drill holes. I'm sure you could get the remaining bars from Real Steel, but for those yearning for the oem b and c pillar bars -...
  7. mattressking

    Wanted 1978 Fj40 Splash Guard(s)

    Well - I had a full set of guards that didn't fit my last 40, so I sold them....well I ended up with the truck they came off of and need them back :( I only need the radiator guard right now (top) but if you have the rest or a complete set - I can do that too.
  8. mattressking

    For Sale Boise, ID - Fj60 Disc Axle - $650

    For sale is a Fj60 front axle assembly with 3rd member. Missing brake rotors/calipers and outer birfield and includes Aisin locking hubs. Perfect to convert a 40/55 to disc axles. Located outside Boise, Idaho $650
  9. mattressking

    For Sale Boise, Idaho: 80-87 2F air cleaner

    Air cleaner in good shape, no issues. Air cleaner: $75 + shipping Local pickup always preferred.
  10. mattressking

    SOLD Boise, Idaho - BJ40/42/43 Intake hoses

    Came into possession of these and have no need for them. They connect to the right side air box on a B series 40. See engine picture for reference. Feel free to make offer. $75+ shipping.
  11. mattressking

    Builds Olive '78 Fj40

    Poured a bourbon, bought a new toolbox and decided to get on 'mud for the first time in what feels like ages. In less than a year, I quit my job, traveled around in my mustard 40, started a and sold my mustard 40 to fund said venture. Well - little did I know I'd have an open...
  12. mattressking

    MUDShip Open trailer - 1 Vehicle - Houston -> Pennsylvania

    Anticipated route will have an open space for one vehicle on an open trailer from Houston to Pennsylvania. Leaving in about 2.5 weeks, PM if you have questions/needs.
  13. mattressking

    SOLD 1980 Solid Front Axle Assembly - Complete. Perfect for Fj40 disc conversion!

    I have a complete front solid axle assembly pulled from an '80 4x4 pickup. Perfect to swap your 40 to discs or put under another truck. Excellent condition including the backing plates. No crust/rust. Asco lockouts operate smooth. Diff MIGHT have some type of locker, but no visible electric/air...
  14. mattressking

    SOLD Brand new 1up 2" Super Duty Double Bike Rack - Black

    Bought the top of the line bike rack from 1Up for my 40, but for now, I have a pickup to use, so I don't really see a need for the rack anytime in the near future. Before I crack the box open, I rather see if anyone wants it first. I will be driving from Boise to Los Angeles and back in the next...
  15. mattressking

    MUDShip Boise, Idaho - Salt Lake City - Los Angeles - and back

    Next route has me going this way. If you need/want something along/near the route. Let me know! I'll have an empty bed this go around again. Especially if you need anything from @orangefj45 or nearby. Likely I will go up through Placerville on return route.
  16. mattressking

    MUDShip Nampa, Idaho to Houston, Texas to Northern California

    Upcoming route lined up looks like I'll be headed from Nampa, ID to Houston, Tx then back along West Coast up to Northern California. Currently looks like I'll have an empty or semi-empty 8' bed all routes. Things I can fit a mixture of in the bed: 1-3 Engines, 1-2 transmissions/t-cases 1-3...
  17. mattressking

    MUDShip Virginia/Maryland to Idaho

    Headed back West with an empty 8’ bed to Idaho. Final stop is Caldwell, Idaho. If you have anything that needs moving between that general route, let me know. Nate
  18. mattressking

    SOLD Brand new Turn Signal Switch Assy - '77-'84 Fj40

    Purchased from Toyota - never used, removed for photo only and put back in bag. Turn signal switch assembly for a '79-'84 Fj40. Might work on '77+ but I can't confirm the cut off yet, if you look at the connector for it under your dash, you can tell if it will fit, there is only two styles...
  19. mattressking

    For Sale 12HT/2H 5-spd Bellhousing

    For sale is the empty bellhousing for a 12H-T. The route I'm headed with requires me to use an early 2H bellhousing, so this one is up for sale OR trade if you have an early 2H housing. $400 + shipping.
  20. mattressking

    SOLD Fj60/62 Late H42/H55 T-case lever

    Pulled from my 10/85 Fj60. $117 shipped. Can include a used t-case knob as well. Excellent shape.
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