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    Full bolt kit - Fj40 rebuilds

    I bought the full set plus a few extra sets like the tire carrier and hinge. I've been very pleased with everything ordered. Quick shipping also.
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    What type of offer would it take for you to sell.

    What would it take to buy the '72 FJ40? No amount; it is not for sale. Due to health, I reluctantly sold the MGA, MGB, and TR6 a couple of months ago. The '72 is now a project my son and I share. And I enjoy the time we spend tinkering with it The '65 and '66 projects will find new...
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    Ignition switch repair

    Good job One hole of the right lock core is missing the spring Was there one in that hole on disassembly? You can fully disassemble the lock to clean and find the problem Very carefully dump the content of each hole of the core Empty--- one at a time ---and keep the parts in exact...
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    Ignition switch repair

    Taking the cylinder plug out would be my last resort choice. Post 6 in the link given shows the springs and such you will deal with. Not like a normal lock where the springs stay in upper housing (bible) and held in place with plug follower Hold vertical with keyway down and spray with a...
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    SOR Seat Covers

    I agree it appears to be from an external abrasion; something from the seat area outward and down across the edge. Note the lower edge of wear shows the top layer pulled up from the backing much more than upper edge. Wear also extends to both left and right of the current exposed backing...
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    ALL Accounts Security Locked

    Woody, thanks for the explanation of happenings and taking care of the problem.
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    craigslist Fulton AR FJ25 Project

    Anyone every get any more information on this truck? I looked at it over 20 years ago. It was complete and it fair condition for resto then. If it is at Fulton now, it has been moved from Blevins area north of Hope
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    72 FJ 40 Questions

    It is a '72 FST; I have one purchased from original owner. KingAir hit all the points...." ..Yep, FST. Tailgate, vadar light, eye hooks in the door frame, soft top bow and doors, soft top mounting brackets in the rear bed. Nice find! Would love to check it out in person!..." Nice looking...
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    40 Series Registry

    Have a 1965 FJ40 that is mix of parts; FJ40L FJ40--32549 frame/vin..................has T-66 tag, and title notes 1966 F 204323 engine 41203 block casting ...near front of block....................late '64 engine? 56 11411 block casting ...near rear of...
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    Hilux Great Article on the Hilux/Pickup

    Excellent reading. Thank you for sharing. My first Toyota truck was 1974, short wheelbase, 18RC, 4 speed, and drum brakes all around. Sticker was $3305
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    screwed by Jim at OCD Tops

    ",,,,Not really cool trying to publicly out him..." Normally I might agree with you; but in light of the number of people he has taken payment from and returned no goods, I think any effort to locate him is valid. I am sorry if anyone thinks an effort to "out him" is worse than him remaining...
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    screwed by Jim at OCD Tops

    From Google; sure looks like a 40 in the drive; zoom in a bit
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    screwed by Jim at OCD Tops

    These are old, from the times I dealt with him: My address is: Jim Reed 916 S Edisto Drive Florence SC 29501 Sure this is out dated, but a place to start. Google shows a Jim Reed currently in Florence. A search of the address indicates last sale date of property was 2008...
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    screwed by Jim at OCD Tops

    In Oct of '09, I sold Jim a very worn original top from my '72 for a pattern; cost was postage cost. He offered a free top of my choice; no need for a soft top and I declined full top but accepted an offer of a free bikini top. You can guess; I have not received it yet. And some are...
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    The Ultimate Grilling thread?

    Interesting for the smokers. For grilling, I'll stick with the Portable Kitchen grill I bought in 1971 and continue to use frequently. Have replaced the grates a couple of times, but cast aluminum hasnt worn out yet.
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    cranky old safe

    Watching for an update that safe was opened. From the comment: "...drill ... and maybe unscrew the backing plate and opening it by watching the tumbler..." What if there is an inner door? Will not be able to reach lock. And not all locks are visible without removing the door backing plate...
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    cranky old safe

    Sounds good; does not sound like you have a problem with dried oil/grease. The clicking is one wheel picking up the next. My guess is in the combination given to you. Try the numbers as given; reverse the order (if last is 0, ignore it when you reverse order); and try starting right, the...
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    cranky old safe

    Good pictures; thanks. First guess is safe is a Diebold; the round corners of door is hint. There is writing in center of dial--may reference company, Eagle or S/G lock. You have the numbers to know; they used both three and four number combinations. Try your combination starting to right...
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    cranky old safe

    A couple of pictures will really help; full front view, and close up of dial, The 100 on your safe is same as 0 on others. If the grease has the parts stuck, it will cause your numbers to be off as much as seven. Also depends on the lock used as some do not have parts that are affected as...
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    cranky old safe

    safe Any chance of picture of safe? Some can be identified by appearance--shape of corners, shape of handle and/or hinges, caps on hinges, etc. Also a number of companies used Yale or S/G locks and built their own cabinets. Do the combinations you have include direction and count of turns...
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