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  1. derail

    SOLD Toyota seat belts.

    I'll wait for a set to come up. Thank you.
  2. derail

    SOLD Toyota seat belts.

    Do you have both window regulators or just the one?
  3. derail

    SOLD OK: 2F CityRacer Carb

    @Bripars40 Still available?
  4. derail

    SOLD Jump Seats 63-65 FJ40 Camino, Ca.

    I'll take them. pm sent
  5. derail

    SOLD TX LAND CRUISER stamped bezel Reproduction.

    I'll get in line as interested also.
  6. derail

    SOLD NorCal- Early FJ40 Windshield Frame - Price Reduced

    Ok. Thank you for the picture. I think I'll hold off for something complete. Appreciate it.
  7. derail

    SOLD NorCal- Early FJ40 Windshield Frame - Price Reduced

    Does the windshield frame have the vent parts also?
  8. derail

    For Sale Tons of Fj40 parts!!! -yuba

    I'm looking for a set of early door strikers. Bonus points if they have the screws too. Not my picture, but they look like "D" in the pic. Thanks- Justin
  9. derail

    SOLD Colorado- FJ40 Ashtray

    I'll take it. Pm incoming.
  10. derail

    Wanted Support plate for spare tire.

    @Tommy Shumpert Chris Wade has one for sale. It's on this page.
  11. derail

    FJ40 receiver hitch

    Ordered it Tuesday, it showed up and I painted it Friday, and installed it today.
  12. derail

    FJ40 receiver hitch

    Got mine today also. Shipped fast! Appreciate it.
  13. derail

    SOLD FJ40 Half Doors

    3rd in line if the other two fall through. Thanks.
  14. derail

    For Sale Parts off my'67 Fj40

    No problem.
  15. derail

    For Sale Parts off my'67 Fj40

    How much for the hinges?
  16. derail

    For Sale Various parts off my '67 FJ40 (1 of 2)

    I'll take an alternator and the oil filter with the steel braided lines.
  17. derail

    For Sale FJ40 Parts, SoCal

    Seat still available?
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