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    Retired FZJ80

    I wanted to keep it but I was out voted. Allthough it is my responsibility to remove it, I'm not really moving that quick.
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    Retired FZJ80

    Well we needed a rig for Flagstaff and I wasn't using it very much. As a matter of fact it was just baking in the sun on the side of my house. So now it has a nice garage spot.
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    Retired FZJ80

    Well I did it. My 80 is retired up in Flagstaff and has been stripped of most of the good stuff. The last thing I have to do for a complete transformation is the snorkel. Does anyone know of a used passenger fender or is anyone parting one out? A green one would be ideal.
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    1994 Fzj

    I hate to see it go but times have changed. I have owned it for the last 6 years and bought it with 62K. It now has 116K. It was originally purchased at Camelback Toyota in Phoenix, AZ and has been here it's entire life. It is dark green with grey cloth interior. The interior is in good...
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    Anyone running Hannah Sliders on an 80?

    I should be there. B
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    Anyone running Hannah Sliders on an 80?

    Same here. I'm out in Mesa.
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    Rating on Cingular cell phone service needed

    We're working on the network every day. Great service. Will only get better. Your faithful Cingular employee. BMT. :)
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    End of an Era....

    WHAT????? You don't call or write... daughter... sell the cruiser? I see how it is. Congrat's man. I need to get up to Flag.
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    1st annual Copper State Cruisers Pot Luck!

    I have a wedding to attend on the 11th but would still be willing to pitch in with something. I guess it also depends on the time. I would be able to attend an evening event.
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    1st annual Copper State Cruisers Pot Luck!

    I didn't say anything about fritos! There are no fritos involved. O.K. I will also bring a main dish. Happy. :flipoff2:
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    1st annual Copper State Cruisers Pot Luck!

    I'm in for me +2 (maybe, you know how 16 year olds are) and I will bring an appetizer. Chili cheese and chips. Looking forward to it.
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    CK redux Mon 26th

    I sit here at work at 9:20AM. This sucks.
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    ANOTHER FREE Giveaway!

    Put my name in. Its just my size.
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    Scottsdale Pavillions?

    I was there a few weeks ago. I hadn't been there in years since they started sectioning off the parking lot. I was passing by after dinner and stopped in. I had my wife's Charger R/T. Dropped the tranny 30 minutes later. F'in Dodge. I'm in. Call the time and date.
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    Where can I find a "Hanna" bumper?

    Godzilla, I have the Hanna bumper. It has the tire carrier and the NATO can holder. I don't do much rock crawling, more expidition stuff. I did a quick run two weeks ago here in AZ that included approx. 50 miles of washboard and imbedded rock. The carriers held up again without a problem...
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    Won't be able to make it tonight. I am moving my 32 year old "son" out of my house. Hope you can see what is more important. Damn, it's just getting nice in the evenings. Hope you have a good one. Brendan
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    Gas prices...

    I bought a Diesel truck as a commuter when fuel was .03 cents above regular (I was paying $2.43). Now Diesel is $2.85. 42 cents in three weeks...explain that to me.
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    HOT Vegas Weekend Temp Results

    Keeping the cooling system not just good condition but in premo condition is key to surviving the desert heat. People always overlook the fan clutch and it only takes about 20 minutes to change. I live out here in Mesa and have had my air shut off once this summer. I was stopped on I-17 North...
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    Any good 80's for sale?

    You didn't get Sterling to convert, did you?
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    Got my Sliders today

    I too bought the Hanna rear bumper along with my sliders. Very happy with both.
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