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    Replace those LBJ's my friends.

    Thanks for the update, I think we have slightly upgraded LBJ on the 2005's. Is that correct? Either way, I have a 188k on mine, and its getting done when I get the lift this month.
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    To LRD or not

    Slap that bad boy on there! Then run it for a week, Then decide. That's what I did. Mine looks pretty subtle (which i like) with the colors I had after it was applied. Yours might too. btw, I will be adding off road parts as well. Good luck either way. :)
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    Another FJ Cruiser convert to the GX470.

    With my friend's nice Land Cruiser, And the GX470 It's all this clean inside And no Nav, thanks to this site.. :)
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    Another FJ Cruiser convert to the GX470.

    Right on.. Congratulations!
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    Another FJ Cruiser convert to the GX470.

    West side of the Columbia River Gorge. I think my rig is the same color as yours.. ;-)
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    Another FJ Cruiser convert to the GX470.

    After owning an FJ80 for a few years a long time ago and last year an FJ Cruiser, it was time to convert and so in December of last year. The search began. After reading thanks to the wealth of information from everyone on this forum. I had settled on what was going to be best for me, and the...
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    Lift, Tires?? but a unique reason.

    I’m 40 minutes from Mt. Hood there is a lot of trails under the summit at 11,245 feet. I have wheeled the majority of them in my long lifetime. I have had a few LJ Jeeps and a few other rigs as well, my brother still has his LJ and Samurai. Totally understand the weight thing, coming from a...
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    Lift, Tires?? but a unique reason.

    Thanks for the input guys. After looking at my rig in depth, it has a basic 3” Revtek lift. I’m getting some 285/70-17 Bfg ko2’s. C load ratings as well. And I will get chains for the rear as well. But I will keep those 265 studded Duratracs for now. I’ll get pics up Saturday
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    Lift, Tires?? but a unique reason.

    Ok, I'm back but with a different vehicle that I just purchased. It's an 07' FJ Cruiser with the off road package and HD winch and bumper combo.. It currently has a spacer lift in front for leveling and it has the 265/70-17 studded Duratracs on it. Yes, it also has the rear diff lock and A-Trac...
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    Synthetic Oil

    For me, 3FE with 164,000 mi. I commute 17 miles one way, 95% freeway. I use the Chevron 15w-40. Oil change intervals should vary depending on your driving conditions period. For my use, changes are in the 5-6k max range. If I hit the trail or do heavy towing long distance, different story...
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    Is the 80 the last Real Wheeler for civilians?

    Solid axles... Still better... Why ? less parts to break or wear out. This is where reliability on the trail comes in too. From a basic geometric idea though, the IF&RS setups should or could be a better set up to wheel with if properly set up for it. Including more ground clearance at the...
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    Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA meet this weekend??

    andre, I did try but the 31x10.50's weren't enough... I made it all the way out of the garage before it got to dicey...! Guys & Gals, I might be there if i get back soon enough from Sutherlin, OR. Any last minute chages just let me know too. Later..
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    Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA meet this weekend??

    I'd like to go but this weather here temporarily detained the LC to the house as the snow drift's were hood high out here... So I pulled out the "old standby" made it to work today late and helped six different rigs get unstuck on the way there. Then on the way home I pulled a 4wd state police...
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    80 series internal roll bar

    My thoughts.... Maybe exocage the body to go with the sliders makes more sense. Considering the price of body parts...... :D
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    "I'm sure glad we bought this thing..."

    squeezer, Welcome back home, :cheers: I also live just outside of Portland,Or... All of us need to hook up some time with our 80's series cruisers, swap stories and check out each others rigs... it would be a nice photo opportunity with our rigs all together too.... Shortbus, Maybe since you...
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    Best Landcruiser for resale value & on /off road ability?

    My picks...The 91-97's 80 series. 1) size room/storage.. :banana: 2) solid axles..... :banana: :banana: 3) EFI... :banana: :banana: 4) Straight sixes... :banana: Off roading purposes in "general", Solid axles and EFI is it.... For a starting foundation these seem to offer the most, from...
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    anybody running Xterrians

    Posted by: DanKunz Posted on: Today at 09:40:52am Why do so many people not air down on trails? Good point Dan... :cheers: You know we all started some where, so.... I think some here in the 80 /100 series forum, may not be as experienced as other off road model owners. But airing down...
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    80 series gears

    Go with Precision gears, I have them in my "other" off roader. No problems and i have beat them.. I have heard of another problem in our club that a member had an issue with a "Yukon" (Randy's) axle breaking and looked like a material problem. Although my other half has "older" Yukon gears...
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    High mileage oil

    I bought my 91' two months ago with 161K. I talked to the Po who had no preference for oil usually, but stayed with a 10-40w and according to him "never" went over 5k between LOF's. I'm running Delo400 Chevron 15w-40 which is one of the best imo, for running a non-synthetic oil. I understand why...
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    Ben, I live directly on the other side of the Columbia River from you. The last town before the start of the Columbia River gorge scenic area. Troutdale, Or. :cheers: Bryan, the 8274-50 is good choice as well. The line speed is excellent on these winches, It's by far the best in an 8-9K...
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