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    For Sale Santa Barbara / Santa Ynez, CA: 1994 FZJ80, great swap or rebuild candidate

    This is a high mile (406k) but well preserved and maintained 1994 FZJ80. It now has a leaking head gasket so you will need to accomplish this repair before you can drive it. Engine turns over just fine but stumbles and runs rough. There is NO coolant in the oil. Luckily, the head gasket...
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    For Sale Central CA (Santa Ynez); 1994 FJ80 base model

    This is a very clean and straight, 100% stock FJ80. Emerald Pearl with very nice / undamaged gray cloth seating. Truck looks nice but has typical clear coat fade / damage to roof, hood and top of one fender and fender flare. I use the truck exclusively on our ranch or drives to the hardware or...
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    For Sale Con Ferr rack, huge

    I have a 10' x 5' Con Ferr rack. It's in nice structural shape with no damage but will need paint or powder-coating. It has a very rigid floor made of 3/8" x 3/8", lengthwise bar with expanded metal over the top of the bars. Will hold a ton of weight. Has 8 complete Con Ferr brackets as...
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    Wanted FJ80 misc parts for '94

    Hi, Interested in buying: 1. Spare tire lowering rod 2. Steering column clamshells for '94 (prefer gray or black) 3. Some type of roof rack that is hopefully local (southern / central CA). Don't need anything terribly overbuilt or trick...just need to carry about 150lbs on roof. Prefer...
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    Wanted Fj80 interior and exterior misc parts

    Hi, Looking for the following items suitable for a '94; I'm in So Cal. 1. Steering column clam shell upper and lower 2. All hardware pieces that secures the battery within its tray. 3. The wing nut and washer that hold the air cleaner lid in place. 4. Driver's door window frame rubber seal /...
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    Wanted Wanted 80 or 100 series in CA or close

    Hi, New here and am seeking a very nice and preferably original 80 or second choice would be an early 100 series (Lexus variants are just fine). Prefer if the car were located in southern CA but am willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right one. Ready to buy now and will pay for the...
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