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  1. A10Driver

    Builds Trail Tailor- Custom Armor Build plus a few things

    BFH hammers, sounds intriguing
  2. A10Driver

    Stretching a FJ40 hard top, want to see what others have done with the fiberglass

    There was some mismatch, but it is fiberglass and can be easily manipulated to get the desired shape. The joins were about 3-4 inches wide, and about 3-4 layers of tape. After the joins were completed, the whole top got 2 complete layers on top, and 2 layers on the bottom. I am confident that it...
  3. A10Driver

    Stretching a FJ40 hard top, want to see what others have done with the fiberglass
  4. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    Some major progress, over top fits well. Fiberglass needs a little trimming up front but really happy
  5. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    I went with ccot, they were ok, did not fit great. My body guy spent a bunch of time making the door skins work. Not sure of any other options
  6. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    Doors, windshield, and sides on. Gaps are looking pretty decent
  7. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's "Wife's" 200 Build

    Another fun vacation in Telluride. Imogene pass and Ophir pass were both awesome
  8. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    Not much, I don't get in the shop much when it's 110 plus. Hoping to get after it in a month or so when it cools down
  9. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

  10. A10Driver

    Builds My R2.8 Cummins FJ40 (RJ40) daily driver build

    Seats look really high, but I like them. Are the electrics going to be easy to hook up?
  11. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    Doors getting some love
  12. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

  13. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    Really happy with the fit. It's been a while since the body was on the frame, but it all looks good
  14. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    OSHA close your eyes
  15. A10Driver

    Comment by 'A10Driver' in media '20190630_112148.jpg'

    What size tires you running?
  16. A10Driver

    Extended cab 45 SWB from a 40

    Nice work, looks really good
  17. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    Body is epoxy primed, it's been a long time coming.
  18. A10Driver

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I have a buddy that makes signs. They are made out of aluminum, laser cut, and painted really well. His name is Zack, phone number (360) 929-9701 . He is deployed right now, but will get back to you in a couple of days
  19. A10Driver

    What did you do to your Land Cruiser/Toyota/Lexus 4X4 this week?

    If anyone likes signs I have a buddy who made these for me. He can do any size up to 48". Prices start at 200 and go up to about 800 for the big ones. They are made out of aluminum and look awesome. He is an enlisted dude stationed at Like AFB.
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