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  1. A10Driver

    2016+ re-gear

    Has anybody re-geared a 2016+? I personally don't like how it hunts for gears and double down shifts trying to pass/ accelerate. I find myself shifting to sports mode and limiting it to 7th. Rpm is a little over 2000 at 80mph and truck is way more responsive. Understand in the six speed 4.88 has...
  2. A10Driver

    Shout out to @murf and Camelback Toyota

    Murf hooked me up getting my BP-51s installed last week. Awesome having a Toyota dealership make you feel like a rock star. Thanks again. Before and after pics
  3. A10Driver

    Builds  Frog's "Wife's" 200 Build

    My wife is awesome and therefore needs an awesome ride. I grew up in South Africa and the only vehicle that was tough enough to be called "Africa Proof" was the land cruiser. I have always been a fan and even better my wife is a huge fan as well. We were finally financially able to purchase a...
  4. A10Driver

    Need ideas, turbo firewall clearance

    Dudes, I am building a 4 door FJ40 with a 6bt and am looking for ideas on how to get some clearance between turbo and firewall. I am thinking two flanges with some sort of spacer. Anyone have a better ideas? Thanks for the help.
  5. A10Driver

    Wanted  FJ40 doors, 1975-79

    Trying to find 4 doors of these, located in Phoenix
  6. A10Driver

    76 doors on a 72 tub

    Fellas, will the newer door style fit the body of the 72 tub? I know I will have to modify the pillar for the latch, and mounts are slightly different.
  7. A10Driver

    Builds  Frog's FJ159

    So I have decided to finally post up my project. I have been gathering parts for a while, and am finally getting to the fun part of putting them all together. I bought a FJ40 4 years ago, and after a lot of work decided to totally change direction. I bought a rusted out fj60, parted it out and...
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