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  1. HemiAlex

    Turn signals and hazards not working

    Just noticed a few mins ago that nothing is working. The 7.5a fuse has power and isn’t burnt. The relay doesn’t sound like it’s broken. But when I pull the relay and check the terminals on the relay block, I don’t get any power. I just ordered the relay as a spare. Is the turn signal...
  2. HemiAlex

    Cb radio interference.

    I’ve got a midland 75-822 on my truck. The power is run direct to the radio and the antenna is an 18ft cable that I’ve tried to run two different ways now. I’m hearing radio interference with the antenna plugged in. I’m running a 4 ft fire stick. When I unplug either end of the antenna cable...
  3. HemiAlex

    Does your temp gauge care about you? An easy Koso digital temp gauge install for a 2F.

    Calling my temp gauge a suggestion is a compliment. If you take the time and read the great article READ ME by @OSS (aka Outputshaft) you'll see the variations that both the wiring and the sending units can have. I've seen many 60 series temp gauges that rear wildly different, but all promise...
  4. HemiAlex

    3:1/4:1 gears in a split case

    Has anyone here done this? I’d like to gain some gearing off road and be able to use 2nd and 3rd low for most of my off road time. Ive got a set of 4.10 center sections locally that I can get but I’d like to leave the H55F and 3.70 diff gears alone. I only need more gearing in 4lo. Has...
  5. HemiAlex

    For Sale Hella 7" H4 Conversion housings 2 for 1 deal

    I've got two hella vision plus housings for a 7" set up. One is perfect and the other has an internal crack in the lens. No evidence of impact, but it's there. I swapped housings. These have the upgraded 80/100w off road bulbs by hella. They still work perfectly. Pics will be posted later...
  6. HemiAlex

    Wanted Tuffy or Cruiser Crap 8" console for a 60 series

    Im ready to buy new, but a used one would suit my truck just the same. Let's see what you've got! Thanks.
  7. HemiAlex

    For Sale Yakima 1A mounts and 66”’cross bars

    Two sets of bars and mounts. The bars are 66” long and stick past the roof line a little bit on my 60. One set that came with my truck that have a key. Nothing wrong with them aside from some torn up end caps. $175 plus shipping. One brand new set less than a month old purchased from...
  8. HemiAlex

    Nilight 20 inch combo light bar

    I did a ton of searching and I found that most led light bars are built in China. I’m not surprised by this but I really wanted to see what the bottom end of the spectrum is like. I purchased a Nilight 288w 20” combo light bar from amazon with their matching 14g harness. It feels heavy but...
  9. HemiAlex

    Wanted 1970 FJ40 Ignition switch and key set

    I'm missing my ignition switch and I'd like to find a used and matched set to rekey the whole truck. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  10. HemiAlex

    Alternate Fridge suggestions

    I've been browsing amazon for fridges. I've taken a look at a few and the ARB seems to be leading the race. What other brands have you all been using? I trust everyones suggestions here instead of the amazon reviews. I'm looking for up to a 50qt.
  11. HemiAlex

    Dual circuit brake master cylinder on 1970.

    Is there a guide to do this? We’ve currently got a completely stock braking system on our F powered 1970 40 series. I’m upgrading to discs on ours and I’d like to know what master cylinder I need. Thanks
  12. HemiAlex

    Wanted 60 series center sections (3.70 or 4.11)

    I'd either like a 3.70 or 4.11 set of pumpkins. 4.11's from a 62 are ideal. I'd like to gear up the truck, for the right price I'll buy a set of cases and regear. Shipping to Houston Texas. Thanks
  13. HemiAlex

    Wanted Full length rack for a 60 series

    ARB, front runner, con-fer etc. Used and not pretty is fine. The closer to Texas, the better.
  14. HemiAlex

    ARB tent with Yakima Crossbars

    Can the Simpson tent be mounted to the yakima bars? I'm not ready to buy a full rack, but I'm ready to buy the tent and I've got 4 yakima bars. I know it will be higher than needed, but will it work?
  15. HemiAlex

    Thoughts on 4.11-4.56 gears with an H55F

    I’m contemplating changing my ratios up as a refresh on the truck and to give it some additional help moving around. I did light/medium trails with my 3.70 open gears and stock split case ratio and I was impressed. I need a locker more than gearing, but it seems reasonable to take the move to...
  16. HemiAlex

    Wanted One used eurospec 60 series mirror

    I'm looking for an extra used euro spec mirror to match the used appearance of my truck. A good friend gave me a used one to replace the knock off Taiwanese one that broke, and I'd like another used one to match.. Someone has to have a single laying around...
  17. HemiAlex

    Battery selection for this daily driven truck.

    I've got a 3 year old AC Delco Battery in group 27 sizing. It's leaked from the caps since I bought it. I'm not saying that it couldn't be my fault from being overfilled with distilled water. It's likely, but I'm sick of it tearing up my stainless battery tray and hold down. I've never seen...
  18. HemiAlex

    Wanted 60 series front drivers window rubber guide

    I'm looking for the piece of rubber that sits upright in the window track that seals the window and aligns it. Mine fell off and it's got a bad wind noise. Located in Houston Texas 77041
  19. HemiAlex

    Smog idler pulley bearing

    Does anyone know what bearing is used for the smog pump delete? I’d like to replace mine while I fix a bent bracket just because. I’ve got a belt squeal that’s getting old.
  20. HemiAlex

    Wanted Rebuildable 2F core within 600 miles of TX

    I'm just testing the waters for a good 2F core. No seized motors or broken stuff. High mileage is fine. Will be going in a 40, all brackets are needed. A bell housing would be nice.
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