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    Triangle Monthly Meeting - November 6th 2019

    I can make it tonight - looking forward to it ! Wally
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    Parting Out Washington DC Virginia fj60 cutting up/partout

    Is it a late 85? Looking for clutch pedal bucket and a few other parts to convert a 62 to stick
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    SOLD Plano, TX 60 series transmission crossmember FJ60 & FJ62

    Cool send me your PayPal thanks
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    SOLD Plano, TX 60 series transmission crossmember FJ60 & FJ62

    Damn I didn’t think I was slow missing one day on mud
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    SOLD Plano, TX 60 series transmission crossmember FJ60 & FJ62

    [QUOTE="smh1972, I believe the one that is painted black came out of a later model FJ60 - 86 to 87 Ill take the fj60 crossmember if you can confirm it’s the later one piece for the clocked 3f bell hosing.
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    3FE: Injectors not opening - Need troubleshooting help

    Random thought - Did you check the battery? My 62 is more project than functional vehicle with a 2016 costco interstate battery. Lately when I've had to move it I get all accessories powered but zero response when I turn the key - no groan, clicks or any typical low battery signs. 5 min on...
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    For Sale Bunch of Gray FJ60 & FJ62 Parts

    Did the fj62 harness sell? I *think* yellow connector to computer is the early 1988 style while the grey is for the 1989/1990's. You had a request earlier for the yellow version but Id be interested in the grey. I wasn't able to tell from the pics which you have thanks
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    thanks man - not tying to be a jerk, just want to get my truck back together
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    I sent a pm for Steering box on Wednesday July 17th . Got multiple pm's that you'd sell it to me when you returned from out of town on the 25th. Sent you my phone number Saturday July 27th after you pm'd that you wanted to text me. You replied you'd call in one hr. but I never got a call or...
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    Pm for Steering box requested Wednesday. Hope you will still sell it to me
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    Wanted  80 series sector shaft (standard not the 105) for steering box

    Need a standard sector shaft for an 80 series box. I sent a box to West Texas Offroad to be sealed/rebuilt to go in my 62 but got the bad news today that the shaft is bent. Cant upgrade to a 105 because my longer drop 62 pitman arm wont work with the larger 105 end..... thanks
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    RTH Needed! - Fresno area sheared sector shaft

    Wow - amazing how people pull together. Now that its all over can I hijack this thread and ask if more than one person had an extra standard size sector shaft? (not the 105) Ive got a box at West Texas Offroad at the moment and got the bad news today that mine is bent. thanks
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    FJ62 - power antenna question

    89FJ62 - Question about the power antenna - I swapped in a new mast and never having had a working antenna was wondering about the switch. It appears the antenna switch functions like the power windows and pressing the button in the up or down direction allows you leave the antenna in any...
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    FJ62: 3FE Exhaust Manifold Leak Advice

    this thread has a link to buy new injector connectors in post#4 I replaced the same connectors on an old miata. On that car I removed the center inside plastic section and then the wires can slip out of the...
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    Trail Tailor Offerings

    Looks like this might be an upgrade when swapping an auto fj62 over to an h55 too instead of sourcing a used crossmember
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    FJ62 Ignition Problem - Now I'm spending wildly...

    post #5 in this thread: '91 won't start 3fe Has a link to the 3fe no start flowchart No check engine light with key in the on position before starting is a big red flag The 3fe was also used in the early 80 series trucks and sometimes searching there has helped me with my 62
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    City Racer Air Duct? Anyone use this on their FJ62?

    One more thumbs up for the city racer intake parts ( I got both the upper and lower hoses) Exact fit and quality part
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    FJ60 Dash Switch Blanks

    Huh - in the picture over the steering wheel - I thought a scanguage only worked with OBD2. Looks like there must be a bit more wiring than switches and usb going on :cheers:
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    A Super-Ultimate 3FE Diagnostics Thread - Let the Battle of Wits Begin

    There is an O ring inside the idle speed control that's probably old and dried up. Just have to undo the three phillips screws that hold the black plastic cylinder to the housing. The size is 2mm x 36mm - I used a V75 Viton O ring Dont give up - this thread will be incredibly helpful for many!
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    Parting Out 89 fj60

    Interested in the rear cargo panels and speaker grills. Can you take a pic when you get a chance please so i can see if they are better than mine thanks and merry Christmas !
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