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  1. KrOswalt

    She's a moaner

    Yup, no serpentine or tensioner. It does have a constant tensioner on the water pump, and on the alternator on the other belt loop. I started another thread somewhere and stated that my “moan” went away after I did a 1” body lift. Not sure how that sound and a body lift correlate but mine has...
  2. KrOswalt

    “Trumpet” sound between 1800-2000 rpm

    Still no trumpet sound. Weather has been anywhere from in the teens to the low 70s here all within the same month and all is well. Anyone at all have any insight as to why a body lift could be connected to this?
  3. KrOswalt

    Looking at this 80

    Absolutely, don’t let me scare you out of it. A good deal on a 80s series is hard to come by. No doubt if basic maintenance is kept up to date these things will probably outlive us all. But that being said it is a 20+ year old vehicle, you will deff feel nickel and dimed at some point if you fix...
  4. KrOswalt

    Looking at this 80

    I can second this. My truck was a 7/10 when I purchased it. Engine was rebuilt and ran/runs great, body was repainted, carpet is all intact and none is stained. BUT!!!, ive spent around $2.5k on parts that aren’t even upgrades, just preventative maintenance, and I’ve personally done all the work...
  5. KrOswalt

    Looking at this 80

    Reason I say that, unless wrenching is your hobby, and you have about 5-10 hours a week and a few thousand minimum to throw at it, that’s prob not the vehicle you want to dependably haul the kiddos around in. Not saying they aren’t dependable, it’ll prob run another 20 years, but it’s a 20 year...
  6. KrOswalt

    Looking at this 80

    Better run away from that one and get a Seqoiua
  7. KrOswalt

    Looking at this 80

    If the body panels are straight and rust free it’s worth $1000 in body parts at least, I’d snatch it up if you have the room to store it for a prolonged period.
  8. KrOswalt

    SOLD 80 series Prinsu Roof Rack

    What’s the condition, I’d like to see some pics also
  9. KrOswalt

    Wanted FZJ80 Wheel (AL/USA)

    Looking for a factory 16” wheel from an 80 series. About to bite the bullet and build a rear tire carrier, would rather have a matching whee instead of the spare steelie. Shoot me a price plus shipping to 35476. PayPal/Venmo is ready. Would also like a set of lug nuts if you have them, not...
  10. KrOswalt

    Parting Out 1996 White 80 Series Blown Motor

    Is the adjustable AC pulley/bearing available?
  11. KrOswalt

    Parting Out 1997 30th CE green, built CO

    Adjustable A/C pulley available?
  12. KrOswalt

    Parting Out Parting 91, 93, 94 and 96 lx

    Got an adjustable AC idler pulley off of one with a 1FZ motor? Not sure if the 3FEs had the adjustable pulley or not
  13. KrOswalt

    Frustrating leak search, Wet floorboards

    ive never done glass work before but i was under the impression it had to be cut out. Im sure its been done before but i would imagine prying a rubber gasket/molding off would cause it to stretch
  14. KrOswalt

    Frustrating leak search, Wet floorboards

    Will they not have to get the water out from under the gasket and apply sealant?
  15. KrOswalt

    Frustrating leak search, Wet floorboards

    I purchased the gasket from Toyota so I know that’s correct. It looked to be much better quality than what it replaced, just hate that it’s going to waste
  16. KrOswalt

    Frustrating leak search, Wet floorboards

    It’s irritating as hell to say the least. I know it’s keeping me from putting new sound deadened and insulation in. After reading the FSM and attempting to seal the old gasket myself while it was on the truck, I’m pretty sure I could remove and install this windshield properly if I had some...
  17. KrOswalt

    Frustrating leak search, Wet floorboards

    You have all won a Golden ticket. Hopefully this is my only supply of water. I’ve read on this forum of at least 15-20 cases of “I took my truck to a 5-star windshield repair shop and it still leaks”, guess I can join that party. Anyways, just printed off 4 pages from the FSM to show the...
  18. KrOswalt

    Frustrating leak search, Wet floorboards

    Guys thanks for the help and reassurance this far. I’m man enough to admit my “reputable glass Dr” fudged up on this one. Driver and passenger corners are leaking so bad water is pooling up on the gasket inside the cab.
  19. KrOswalt

    Frustrating leak search, Wet floorboards

    Hey mud I still need some help. So far I’ve put some sealant on the gasket that came on the truck when I purchased it, on the glass side and on the body side. Leaking didn’t slow down at all. Figured I might’ve screwed up so I got the gasket replaced by an extremely reputable shop yesterday and...
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