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  1. romey

    200 series OEM shocks into an 80 series?

    Hi guys, this might sound dumb, but i have to ask. can this even work? couldn't find anything in the searches. there's a local guy here unloading 200 series shocks for cheap (removed from rigs that were armoured and needed suspension upgrades) still have the factory set up with my 91 diesel...
  2. romey

    RTT game changers?

    just when you thought you've seen everything.. (sorry if it's a repost).. yup, another rtf thread, but i've never seen these guys before. there's this: combines all the good things about a hard clam shell style and traditional fold out style.. and then there's this: woah.. (minus the...
  3. romey

    78 FJ40 / reverse switch sillyness

    Hi folks, been tinkering with the 40 wiring and decided to install separate back up lights and resurrecting some of the old wiring. got these cheapo round one's installed higher, factory lights are getting old and always going under water and collecting mud!) anyway, the switch works as it...
  4. romey

    These engine lights just popped up?

    HI Folks, just thought i'd post this here before i start to panick. from my 1991 HDJ80. just driving to work and these lights just popped up all at once. truck is and has been running good. now, not sure if this even makes sense but my rig has 33's and so the odometer is reading/running...
  5. romey

    Visiting vegas from ontario, CAN

    (should've posted it here, just noticed south and north Nevada sections) Hey Fellas, Romey here from southern Ontario Canada. I'm heading down to vegas for the touristy stuff with fam and was wondering if there was a good parts place nearby where I can pick up 4.88 gear/pinion, axle master...
  6. romey

    Hello from Ontario, CAN, coming to vegas for a visit

    Hey Fellas, Romey here from southern Ontario Canada. I'm heading down to vegas for the touristy stuff with fam and was wondering if there was a good parts place nearby where I can pick up 4.88 gear/pinion, axle master kit/bearings for the rear axle of my 78 fj40. she went bam a couple weeks...
  7. romey

    2 thumbs up for Giles at Diesel Performance Inection

    Hey Folks, guessing this'll be the place to share my Injection Pump (IP) rebuild experience from Giles Gallie at the 1991 land cruiser has been due for an IP (rotary pump) rebuild for a while now. I can only assume that it hasn't been touched ever...
  8. romey

    well, there's a winch and there's a recovery...

    so i guess i can post this here! russian style! (my bad if it's a repost) has anyone seen anything else remotely similar to this type of recovery? genius!
  9. romey

    Burglars killed breaking into a safe with fireworks...and a 60 Series the 60 caught my eye first, but tragic price they paid.
  10. romey

    Payin respects to Mr. Eiji Toyoda

    just thought i'd post this here too. he was the Boss man for Toyota when all our 40's were being assembled in Japan. RIP Mr. Toyoda.
  11. romey

    4.88s / lockrites / 35's . . . AND an h55f tranny?

    hi folks, I think my tranny just crapped out! :bang: was starting to drive the 40 again after a long break...then bam! anyway, i'm debating whether I should stick with the 4spd and get that rebuilt (or find a used one) OR finding an 5spd off an hj/fj60 scrapper. I understand it bolts...
  12. romey

    funky electrical, won't start now...

    hi folks, hoping some electrical guru's can help this newb out. been reading another post on a 40 not starting. so here are the deets/symptoms: -78 fj40 with a push button ignition switch (no key) - owned for 5 years, no electrical issues since - just got gauges installed (water...
  13. romey

    Titan TW 12 winch on a factory 80 series winch bumper?

    gotta ask. do you think this would/could work? maybe with a little bit of hacking around to make the winch fit?? it's a cheap mod for now to buy me some time... i have a jdm 80 series and can get the OEM winch bumper at a very reasonable price... a visual here of an oem winch bumper...
  14. romey

    so who crashed SONTT?

    been down for like 2 days now, lol. wha happen? i'm guessing it's down for front page picture changes? anyway, ya'lls can hang here if your going through cheers.
  15. romey

    Canada To horse I met Filipe a couple years ago when he was finishing his degree in journalism. I found out about this trip when i was talking to his girlfriend (also in the same program) about expeditions and driving around the world on a landcruiser...turns out that she was about to...
  16. romey

    quick question, rear output seal replacement

    i've searched and can't find this silly answer. what size socket goes on the rear output flange/nut after the driveshafts been removed to get at the rear output seal? is it 1 1/4"? or metric? i know it's a large one! tryin to replace rear output seal. just have a standard socket set and...
  17. romey

    Canada roof top tents! check it out!

    hi fellow 4x4'ers, just thought i'd post this here too. i picked up this tent near the end of the summer after noticing another post on another forum. first thing i noticed was the price for what you got! so did some researching and managed to get a hold of guys out west who have purchased the...
  18. romey

    2F rebuild on the 40 section.. thought i'd share this here too.
  19. romey

    Rookie 2f rebuild and my 78 FJ40

    Hi folks, so here it goes. i bought the 40 in 2009, shortly after getting married and havin our first kid. this was going to be my hobby on the side whenever i could fit it and get some wheelin done. the rig has really only done trails, mostly challenging ones (or at least to me) and has had...
  20. romey

    yet another smokin issue, need help with diagnosis

    Hi folks, lemme first admit and start by saying this was due to some of my negligence! :bang: i did a run june 2010 and went in a deep silty hole that i was stuck in, i was eventually yanked out. what started as a slipping clutch ended up with more issues. anyway, i parked the rig after this...
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