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  1. Strait Cruisin

    '75 Ambulance Door Controller Over-Turn

    The people you meet here.... Is there spring intact? It looks like it engages the tang but it is still in the mounting plate?
  2. Strait Cruisin

    45 mph Top Speed, what's wrong here?

    If you don't have a dwell meter and timing light, now is a good time. Electronic ignition makes a mechanic lazy about things like ballast resistors, capacitors and coil saturation time. Change the filters, air and fuel. Just mentioned was an exhaust restriction. I'd also look at plug...
  3. Strait Cruisin

    Vac booster pushrod length

    So, just shy of resting contact then. Thanks.
  4. Strait Cruisin

    Vac booster pushrod length

    Any idea what it should be? Say protruding from the booster past the plane of the master? The FSM is vague.
  5. Strait Cruisin

    Light for Headlight Switch

    Yep, push in and twist. I've been rebuilding my harness and I just soldered this light socket in to the harness connector. Mine had a short at the light switch and melted the connector. The piece I would like to source is the fiber optic shaft in the center of the switch. They get cloudy...
  6. Strait Cruisin

    Climate Change: Project Global Warming '76 fj-40

    Combed out some of the tangles. I've added an alarm, drops for driver and passenger footwell lights and door switches, remoted the park lights to a relay and generally tidied up things. I've already added a second battery system so the alarm can't be bypassed by draining the battery with the...
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  8. Strait Cruisin

    Climate Change: Project Global Warming '76 fj-40

    Updates. I'm adding an alarm so the harness needs surgery. I have to change the park lights to be relay based, add door switches and under dash lights. No heat yet so there's that too.
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    New cuz old iz out
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  11. Strait Cruisin

    Fender/Firewall/Door frame reproduction VIN plates

    State police will do it. And in this state, if there is any questions about it, they insist on it. I had a number in a VIN get mangled in the paperwork moving to another state once and was good to go after a 10 minute visit. ETA: A repro plate I don't know. They affix an identifying plate of...
  12. Clutch master

    Clutch master

  13. Strait Cruisin

    Transmission sensor (?) 77 fj40

    I was going to guess the TOP switch, in the diagram it appears be to described as a 4th gear switch, but it's not very explicit.
  14. Strait Cruisin

    Transmission sensor (?) 77 fj40

    There are a number of optional switches related to trans and transfer plus there was a change in the location of the BU switch around that time. Pics? Wire colors? The FSM and some previous threads detail out that vintage of harness.
  15. Strait Cruisin

    Has anyone seen or used this.

    Park next to someone's super car and reduce it to a step ladder? Seriously, I think one of those bolted on flip down steps would be more useful.
  16. Strait Cruisin

    Climate Change: Project Global Warming '76 fj-40

    350 miles so far. This wiring diagram is turning out to be 'not a good' solution. Shutting down after running with key off power is not an issue, its all over in 10 minutes or less. Fan draws energy directly from the battery, however the alternator pushes the recharge back thru the ammeter...
  17. Strait Cruisin

    Ready to pull the trigger but first...

    There is the resto 'everything back to factory' route, and there is the customize route. But, a 'customizing' restore is not a restore. If it's being represented as such, then probably there are things hiding. Rolling the odometer is not an issue, my state has a check box on the title stating...
  18. Strait Cruisin

    Builds 1st FJ40, '76 - SMOKEY - Build up phase - Build Details

    Turning the corner of the 'pile-o-parts' is a very satisfying thing. Mine wasn't a just put it back together thing, it was more put it together, take it apart, repeat a couple of times fitting, applying paint, refitting, fixing scratches, etc...
  19. Strait Cruisin

    Climate Change: Project Global Warming '76 fj-40

    I decided to add mechanical back up gauges underhood. The instrument panel gauges wave around but it's a rather subjective positioning. It's been a help tuning the hi/lo fan temperature sensors too. Gauges by Strait Cruisin posted Jun 3, 2018 at 1:02 PM
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