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  1. Bleizbreizh

    5 speed into a Troopy questions

    I have been reading up on fitting a five speed gearbox into the BJ45 Troopy for a while but think I have confused myself. It seems to be straight forward in the late vehicles, 1984 or so but the earlier ones I have seen from around 1982 still have the gearbox parking brake and I recall reading...
  2. Bleizbreizh

    Spring time, BJ73 leaf wear

    Spring bushes were noted on the annual inspection but while underneath a good look at the springs revealed some issues. The ride is good and the height OK with nothing sagging but should I be concerned with the amount of wear on these leaves?
  3. Bleizbreizh

    BJ45 Troopy roof question

    Hi. I am thinking of getting a BJ45 Troopy for camping trips as the 73 is a little lacking on inside space. The wife has even given some sort of approval by commenting that at least it will be more useful than the stuff I usually buy... They are a little thin on the ground at the moment but one...
  4. Bleizbreizh

    Lucky LandCruiser, fire passes by my BJ73

    A week ago a wildfire swept through my land in Portugal causing a lot of damage. Miraculously the 'Cruiser survived much to the surprise of everyone. My caravan wasn't so lucky
  5. Bleizbreizh

    BJ73 side flasher lamp -are they handed?

    Hi does anyone know if the side repeater flasher lamp on the 73 is handed? I have a little damage to the righthand side of the truck but have only been able to find a left hand side lamp for sale. Unfortunately I dont have access to my LandCruiser for another week to compare. Thanks
  6. Bleizbreizh

    HZJ75 seats into a BJ73- will they fit?

    I need a new drivers seat for my old BJ73. It has been repaired a few times and back support is pretty poor and the thing is quite uncomfortable. The roadworthiness test failed it and I don't think they will accept aftermarket seats. The only seats local to me are from an HJZ75 in good...
  7. Bleizbreizh

    FRP top question

    I have just discovered that the FRP top on my BJ73 is missing nearly all the bolts that secure the rear of it to the sides of the vehicle. I think there are 4 per side and there is only one on the right and none on the left! My question is: should there be a rubber strip between the FRP top...
  8. Bleizbreizh

    New here. BJ73 curiosity

    Hi, First post. Just bought my first Landcruiser. Its a 1988 BJ73 in reasonable and tidy condition, drives well and has a sweet engine that someone has added a turbo. Looking over it I noticed a curious modification to the front spring shackles. Each inner shackle has a piece of angle bolted...
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