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  1. alkarich

    Toyota Land Cruiser "TROOPY" T-shirts

    The first post has the updated list. Thanks for the interest.
  2. alkarich

    Toyota Land Cruiser "TROOPY" T-shirts

    A few left. Great gifts for the holidays!
  3. alkarich

    Bring back my Dads FJ40

    Sorry for your loss. Thanks for posting the pics, always fun to see. Glad to see you have the 40 back. The rust doesn't look too bad for being in Minnesota. Have fun with the project.
  4. alkarich

    Pop Top Camper Troopy

    Sweet troopy! Nice job on the rack as well.
  5. alkarich

    Toyota Land Cruiser "TROOPY" T-shirts

    Shirt count updated in original post.
  6. alkarich

    Wanted 3FE Engine for FJ62

    PM sent
  7. alkarich

    Builds Electric TLC FJ-40 Build

    Very interesting read!
  8. alkarich

    craigslist  2 FJ62's for sale

    Two 1988 Toyota Land Cruisers FJ62
  9. alkarich

    Builds 1982 Desert Troopy - Glutton for Punishment

    Love the Troop Carriers! Great work!
  10. alkarich

    Sandy the Troopy Build

    Nice looking troopy!
  11. alkarich

    40 to 45 build thread?

    Very cool rig!
  12. alkarich

    Storage Solution for Radio Hole

    I would also like one. As stated above if you have any left or are interested in making another batch. Thanks.
  13. alkarich

    Builds Mission Impossible......My 74 & 76 Build up by a Top Gun Land Cruiser builder :)

    Congrats on the new purchase! Must've been a difficult decision to sell.
  14. alkarich

    glove box lock options

    Unfortunately I can't remember nor did I keep the receipt in my file. But I'm sure it was purchased at a big box hardware store like Menards.
  15. alkarich

    Wall Art

    My wall art in the garage.
  16. alkarich

    JP147's HJ47 Troopcarrier

    Love the troop carriers!
  17. alkarich

    IH8MUD Store - Tee's, Sweatshirts, more!

    Headliner patches are back!
  18. alkarich

    Toyota Land Cruiser "TROOPY" T-shirts

    Long overdue bump
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