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  1. Aldog

    Will a split transfer case from an 82 HJ47 fit an earlier 4 speed gearbox?

    I've taken my HJ47 to the mechanic because the transfer case is rooted. I supplied a good condition split transfer case. He's taken the old one off to put the new one on and is telling me that the output shaft of the gearbox is rooted from running without oil. (I just bout the thing a few months...
  2. Aldog

    Are all 40 series transfer cases compatible?

    G'day. Recently I bought an 82 HJ47 Landcruiser, my second 40 series cruiser. The transfer case is rooted and now the outputs shaft flops around like nothing else and the only gear that goes in is 4L (they go in but they grind and do all sorts of s***. Also the case itslef is cracked.) I...
  3. Aldog

    Question about 1971 fj40 steering wheel

    I have a 1971 fj40 soft top, had it for only a few months now. I want to I put an original steering wheel on it. The person before me has put a sports steering wheel on which looks absolutely ridiculous. I have the wheel. (Not mine, just showing you which wheel I have.) But my FJ has the...
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