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  1. Nifski

    Wanted 1964 complete engine

    No still looking, I would like to find an early one that would be period correct, do you have one?
  2. Nifski

    Body shop referral

    If you have a good relationship with your agent ask him off the record how much your policy will go up, when our teenager had his first accident our policy doubled through high school, that easily looks like 5k to me.
  3. Nifski

    SAS #3 Official Thread 2019

    For those of us trailing up our rigs and staying in a cabin, do they have an area to park our trailers?
  4. Nifski

    Best fuel injection???

    Looked up the edelbrock set up and looks like a good system? Not ready to spend the funds on an LS yet! Any other suppliers that are comparable to edelbrock?
  5. Nifski

    Best fuel injection???

    I have a carbed Chevy 383 stroker in our FJ45, I want to go with a fuel injection system and would like to hear what you may recommend. Many thanks!
  6. Nifski

    Can you ID that Vehicle?

    TOYOTA SPORT 800 !
  7. Nifski

    SAS #3 is out

    @CenTXFJ60 ,@drenmaster , I will most likely be trailering so happy to take the seats, give me a pm with the details and we can coordinate.
  8. Nifski

    SAS #3 is out

    Nick and I are also signed up, looks like a great week, maybe we call all caravan up!
  9. Nifski

    Which is the best Fuel injection system for a V8

    i run a 383 Chevy V8 in our FJ 45, I want to look into putting an injection system instead of the Carb, Any recommendations on brand? Or model? Recommendations appreciated!
  10. Nifski

    Merry Christmas to all

    A great tee shirt!
  11. Nifski

    You've been spotted

    Found these beauties, anyone know the owner? Wonder what’s in the Garage if these are the ones left outside!
  12. Nifski

    Looking for welding help

    Nick , @dorkle on here has a steel fab company, does fence repairs. Text him 602.526.5656.
  13. Nifski

    Wanted 2005-2006 tundra 4 door limited

    Anyone willing to sell there Tundra Limited 4x4, lower miles preferred.
  14. Nifski

    Wanted Corrugated top 40 or 25

    Got that great 1964 that I may part with it, body in great condition , may sell it with a complete really good 78 2f. Check my posts under meet “the horned one” 64fj40
  15. Nifski

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    I have Both a a perfect cap( Top )and A full 78 hardtop in great condition
  16. Nifski

    For Sale 1F header

    I believe this is a header for a 1F, I was told you could not get a new one anymore, maybe someone could verify this by commenting, @Living in the Past ,@65swb45 . $100 plus the ride
  17. Nifski

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    1978 full Hard Top, doors , side panels, ambulance doors, all OEM glass except one side window that needs to be replaced, Think of parting with it, let me know if there is someone local that needs one and would like one with a vent window. Also have an extra hardtop also in great condition.
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