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    Veteran Entrepreneurs Article

    10 Things I Learned About Veteran Entrepreneurs Perspective from the community lead for Denver WeWork Veterans in Residence program, helping military vets progress on their professional paths BY JOE AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to LinkedIn Share to...
  2. AdventureToolCompany

    ATC R&D Shop Build 2018

    We've been planning this for a couple of years and jumping through the Boulder County permitting process and are now at the point of starting construction. This will be a multi phase pole barn build so there should be lots of info and pictures to come. The primary goals for this building will be...
  3. AdventureToolCompany

    Mini Tractors - lets see um

    After moving to our land in the mountains it became clear, at least to me...., that I was going to need a 4wd tractor to help develop the property, particularly for the clearing of land for our future shop. I narrowed it down to the orange paint tractor or Kubota. There is a huge demand for such...
  4. AdventureToolCompany

    Pop-up Adventure Tool Company Store in KC

    About EAST Adventure Tool Company is heading to OE East in Ashville, NC next week and will be coming through KC. Since KC and TAC were my hometown and club we're thinking about doing a "ATC Pop-up Store" with show pricing (no shipping!) as we're heading home and wanted to see if there is any...
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    Adventure Tool Company Free Stuff

    FREE WOOL CAMP BLANKET GIVEAWAY!! Starting October 10th, we will be offering these 2 additional types of Wool Camp Blankets for sale on our website. To celebrate the addition, we are giving away 1 of each kind of Blanket for free, shipping included. **To enter the random drawing for a free...
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    Wanted FZJ-80 ATC Company Demo Truck

    Hi- I'm starting my search for a late model FZJ80 LC with Front and Rear Diff. locks, low miles, good condition. I know this is what many of you are looking for as well and I wish you the best of luck! I'd prefer light colors and a strong maintenance history. If it's already built, I'd love to...
  7. AdventureToolCompany

    Adventure Tool Company Gear now in Kansas City!

    Hi TAC- If you like old school gear and tools, my friends at Epstein's Hardware in downtown Kansas City have become our first Adventure Tool Company Stockist! They're located at 301 W. 8th St., Kansas City, Mo. Not only do they now carry our "ShopRoll" and a few other ATC products, but Steve...
  8. AdventureToolCompany

    Wanted WTB- 60/40 rear bench seat for FJ60

    WTB/Trade for a 60/40 rear bench seat that will fit into an FJ60. Can pickup in Colorado. Thanks! Sent via pack mule from the Rocky Mountains ATC HQ.
  9. AdventureToolCompany

    What Charities / Organizations do you support?

    Here at Adventure Tool Company we very much believe in giving back to the community. For that reason, we have decided to donate a portion of our profits to worthwhile charities and non-profits that support the outdoor lifestyle and/or humanitarian organizations that use planes, trains...
  10. AdventureToolCompany

    Broken Front Hub Bolts Repair

    So I was checking the front hubs on the Working Pig and making sure that the hub bolts were tight when I put a wrench on one and it spun freely....I pulled the bolt and noticed that it had broken where it enters the axle hub. Checking both sides I found two lost bolts and three broken bolts. It...
  11. AdventureToolCompany

    Adventure Tool Company - Tool Gear Bags

    Adventure Tool Company supplies the highest quality products for the expedition, overland, and adventuring communities. These products are made in Colorado, U.S.A., from American-made MILSPEC components. Each item is designed and manufactured with great care, ensuring countless years of...
  12. AdventureToolCompany

    Wagon Window Art

    I'm not sure when stickers went from the bumper to the rear/side windows, but its grown to be a huge statement. Lets see what you have...
  13. AdventureToolCompany

    Clutch Hydraulic Hose Replacement

    Not to long ago I replaced my clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder when I put the new H55 in, but after awhile I noticed the clutch pedal getting soft, so I figured I got air in the lines and re-bled the system and make sure everything was properly adjusted. After a short time (5-6 months)...
  14. AdventureToolCompany

    Iron Moose?

    Great LC history and what Toyota originally nicknamed the 55. "The 50 series was made to be sold on the great continents of America and Australia , and because of it's shape, in America it was...
  15. AdventureToolCompany

    Frames- woudn't it be great....

    My local Toyota dealership is doing frame replacements on Tacoma's.....wouldn't it be great if we could get new 60 frames!!
  16. AdventureToolCompany

    Kansas City to/from Denver, Co.

    I'll be back and forth between KC and Denver for the next several months. I will normally be pulling a fully loaded 16 ft open trailer out so space is minimal. But, the truck and trailer will be empty on the return trip to KC. Imk if you need something hauled out or back. Subject to space...
  17. AdventureToolCompany

    BritKLR's "Working Pig"

    Greetings - I'm new to the FJ55 world, but the Cruiser Gods blessed me with a 1970 FJ55. It came with a piece of property we purchased in Colorado for clearing the driveway in the winter (long up hill driveway!). Therefore, he's been given the name of "Working Pig". From the packet of receipts...
  18. AdventureToolCompany

    Wanted WTB-1970 3spd Column Shift Transmission - Colorado Area

    WTB-1970 3spd Column Shift Transmission - Colorado Area Hi - I'm new to the Pig world, all my experience is with a 60 (Mud:BritKLR), but I've inherited a 1970 FJ55 (Name: Working Pig) with a piece of property. The reason he's called the "Working Pig" is because he's spent most of...
  19. AdventureToolCompany

    WTB-1970 3spd Column Shift Transmission - Colorado Area

    Hi - I'm new to the Pig world, all my experience is with a 60, but I've inherited a 1970 FJ55 (Name: Working Pig) with a piece of property I recently purchased. The reason he's called the "Working Pig" is because he's spent most of his life with a snow plow on his nose pushing snow in...
  20. AdventureToolCompany

    For Sale 1966 FJ40 - St. Joseph, MO CL

    Just saw it this morning. **1966 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40** Approx. 22 miles north of Kansas City, Mo. Good luck
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