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  1. dfclimber

    Welding and sheet metal work

    Great tips and web page Definitely came in handy with my door bottom repair. - thanks
  2. dfclimber

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Replaced bubling paint, rusty door bottoms on passenger side door. It took almost as much time contemplating the cut than the actual cutting and welding.
  3. dfclimber

    Need some advice/help with leaf springs

    Any updates on those that recently did install of this lift? Ride quality, ride height, issues with needing longer rear shackle to level and of course pics
  4. dfclimber

    Ironman 4x4 Suspension for 40/45 Series

    65swb45/ Mark and others Seems like you have a good deal of experience with ironman. I have been looking at 2.5 lifts for my 1981 fj40 (and although popular compete kits) I have been leaning away from OME given the shorter spring length and relocation of axle forward in rear wheel well. What...
  5. dfclimber

    1974 FJ40 - Thoughts on Ironman 4x4 spring kit

    MMW68 - bump Get back to us re Ironman springs on your ride. Post up some pics of your rig. Curious to see height and where the rear springs are located within the rear wheel well.
  6. dfclimber

    Tell me why i cannot use ProComp Springs on my 81?

    JMZ400 Any update on your procomp spring install. I'm Looking to do the same. Post up your experience and parts- bushings used for us with late model >1980 FJ40s
  7. dfclimber

    1966 FJ40 Factory Soft Top Find

    53 replies in so far ... and - No "flip the Bezel" yet. Ok Ill be the first- You guys are slipping!!
  8. dfclimber

    Fj40 Receiver hitch

    Sent you an email . Hope u have one left
  9. dfclimber

    Leaf spring height difference

    To me the military wraps look different - one cut square (r) and one longer tapered(l) .the u bolts are also different. The spring clamps also look different. I wonder If they are different springs
  10. dfclimber

    Hard Top Lift

    I did the same thing with the racor except i ditched the cable for thin spectra cord (>1000kg strength) as it was easier to center and tie on the hooks. On/off is 1 one person job.
  11. dfclimber

    The "I had to have and FJ" build

    I'll go next, flip the bezel (thick side up) and welcome to the insanity
  12. dfclimber

    Builds Doc's 1978 FJ40 Rebuild

    Great build. Just read from the start. Enough of the cat pics, show one of that power wagon
  13. dfclimber

    Just ordered a Bikini top.. what are my tailgate options?

    I like the real steel deluxe (finished on both sides) but i ended making up a quick one out of wood. Took kick vent to hardware store to match paint, could not have been easier. Uses lower hinges from ambi doors
  14. dfclimber

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    If the Tan one was at VO - it was mine
  15. dfclimber

    How to get the pins out of the shackles?

    Ok, just one observaton from the above pics and review of comments. I do not see any Jack stands under the vehicle and see the nuts and plates off and pins banged partially out (hence the bent pins). You will not be able to (or want to) take the pins out until the springs are unweighted/...
  16. dfclimber

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    Nope, i did not write the article -that is the "other beige" one i was referring to. Blue one is close to winchester hospital.
  17. dfclimber

    Clutch not holding

    Glad you are back in business. Not to sidetrack original post but, I have been plagued with squishy clutch since replacing both master and slave together. No leaks. Do you have to bleed master separate , or can it be done hooked up and the entire line bled through the bleeder valve on the slave
  18. dfclimber

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    At my count winchester has 6 on the road 2 red 1 orange Mine (flat dune beige 416) Another beige (464) 1 medium blue My buddy has another in many pieces (ie long term project) in his garage.
  19. dfclimber

    Homemade Hardtop Hoist

    Racor PHL-1R Pro HeavyLift 4-by-4-Foot Cable-Lifted Storage Rack Ditch the cables as it is hard to keep it tight on the rotating spindle. Changed to high strength 3/8 rope like spectra or dyneem and tie on utilty hooks from home depot/lowes. Works well, one man job on and off.
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