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  1. mydogpea

    Radiator differences???

    Were there any differences in OEM radiators between '71 & '77?
  2. mydogpea

    For Sale Transfer case shifter boot (OR)

    Has a hole in the side of it. $20
  3. mydogpea

    For Sale More FJ40 parts (OR)

    Seat belts. $15 for all. (SOLD) Kick vents. I have 5. $5 ea. or $20 for all 5. New 2f motor mounts. $20 (SOLD) Late model wiper linkage. $10(SOLD) Wiper motor. Untested. $15(SOLD)
  4. mydogpea

    For Sale Fj40 misc. parts (OR)

    I have some parts I'd like to get rid of. '75 up front seat mounting brackets. $50 Brake booster. $30 (SOLD) Clutch master. $10 Hardtop door bows, both sides. $50 (SOLD) Pre 75 aprons, pair. $50 Heater duct. $20 Early air cleaner. $30 (SOLD) Curved hardtop glass. $40 for both. Hardtop side...
  5. mydogpea

    Carfax on an FJ40?

    Has anyone looked up info on a 40 using carfax? I tried typing in the 9 digit vin# and it says it's an invalid #. It seems to want a 17 digit #. Just curious. Thanks
  6. mydogpea

    Wanted 2f engine in OR.

    Running would be good.
  7. mydogpea

    For Sale Misc. fj40 parts (OR)

    75+ heater duct(cracked)$25 Windshield to hardtop cushion(AM) $10 Complete door hinges pair $30 Door paddle handles $10 each. Door access panels $5 each.(SOLD) Fuel filler '68 down(I think???) $10 Amber lights rusty bezels(working)$25 pair Hardtop gussets painted dune beige. $15 pair Fender...
  8. mydogpea

    For Sale Dash grab handle (OR)

    Factory handle in excellent condition. $60 shipped in the US of A.
  9. mydogpea

    Wanted L braket

    In need of driver side L bracket for a 71 fj40. Should be the same for most years. Thank you
  10. mydogpea

    Wanted Repro Vin Plates

    Looking for someone who makes the vin plate on the door jamb for the 40 series. I have the original but it's barely legible.
  11. mydogpea

    Reproduction vin plates

    Curious to know if there are any companies out there making repro vin plates for the 40 series? There's companies that make them for old Fords but can't find anything for Toyota. Anyone know of any?
  12. mydogpea

    For Sale Misc. fj40 grab box of door parts in OR

    $50 shipped conus.
  13. mydogpea

    For Sale Rear view mirror arm fj40 in OR

    $40 shipped conus
  14. mydogpea

    Wanted 68 to 74 fj40 wiper arms

    Looking for a pair of top mount wiper arms.
  15. mydogpea

    71 fj40 license plate light wire, What color?

    Trying to figure out which wire powers the license plate light. 4 wires to the rear; G/Y=left tail G/O=right tail G=ground R/B=No power I currently have it wired this way. All lights/blinkers work except license plate light. I'm guessing the R/B wire is for the plate light but I have zero volts...
  16. mydogpea

    For Sale Early FJ40 Amber Marker Lights (OR) Price Drop

    These are OEM. No cracks in lenses and chrome still looks great. Untested but will test in the morning. Bulbs not burnt. I had to add a small length of wire to both as seen in the pics because someone cut the wires very short. Surface rust on the housings. Should be able to clean up with some...
  17. mydogpea

    For Sale Fj40 hardtop (OR)

    Fiberglass cap, both sides, hatch door, header and a new seal. All glass in good shape, just dirty. Hatch door missing both handles and access panel. Will not ship. Will not separate. Parts are on the northern Oregon Coast. Stored in dry storage. $400
  18. mydogpea

    Wanted 69 to 73 heater flex ducts

    Looking for both sides for a 71 fj40.
  19. mydogpea

    For Sale Fj40 dash T/S indicator light housings (OR)

    2 red 1 green $20 each shipped conus SOR sells them for $30 + $5 boxing fee + shipping. $50 shipped for all 3
  20. mydogpea

    For Sale Fj40 headlight buckets (OR)

    2 early $10 each 1 late model $20 Or $30 for all 3 + shipping.
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