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    Bumper Mounting Bolts - Front

    Apologies in advance.. I tried search but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for… Does anyone know the part number for bolt pictured..? Not sure location it’s pictured in is original location or not but bolt fits and I need to purchase more of them…

    Driveline / Transfer Case Concerns

    Help - Looking for input from the experts before I yank the T/C.. Background - I've been chasing a "loose" feeling in the driveline of my 1994 LC for months, at this point I'm wondering if it's more Transfer Case related then anything else.. When vehicle is moving about 10-15mph on flat...

    For Sale SoCal - LX450 Wheels / Black Powdercoat

    5 wheels total, Includes lugs, locks and 4 caps. Please see pics for close up of each wheel.. $350 for everything.. Thanks, Chris

    New Wheels - Analysis paralysis

    Pulled the trigger on a set of machine finish Racelines.. Now - Do I run them as is w/machine finish or powder them in texture black like the LX wheels im replacing.. Help..!!

    New factory Front Pads - No shims, do I need them..?

    Working on replacing some really worn front pads. Opened up a brand new set of 80 series front pads, no shims in box. Are they sold separately ? Do I need them, the back of the new pad is dimpled where old one is flat..:meh:

    Seat (forward/back) motor issue -

    Help...!! Working on replacing seat gears and can't get motors to run more then 2-5 seconds or so.... I've gone so far as to pull everything apart, clean brushes and reassemble and try to run the motor only with no gears/drag on it and I'm still getting just a few seconds of run time then it...

    4x4 Labs vs. Ford Fusion....

    Stop me if you've heard this one before...... Outcome looks just about the same..!

    O2 Sensors - Do they need to be replaced ?

    Hi all, I've got a quick question I could use a little input on. I've got a 1994 80 series and recently ran into a little issue out of the blue with REALLY Rough idle, stumbling, lackluster performance (as if there is any real performance from an 80) the check engine light came on a couple...

    RT help - installing MT sliders on 1994 LC

    Installing pass side slider and cat guard is hitting cat preventing slider from going up far enough to install bolts..... I guess the obvious would be to grind slider to clear cat - But is there something I'm missing ?! Why am I running into clearance issue....
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