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  1. packetstormin

    For Sale Rear Quarter Panel Fender Flare

    The title says it all. Off of a 1997. Paint is a little chipped, but the overall condition is not bad. Asking $50 will ship on my dime.
  2. packetstormin

    SOLD PHX AZ 100 Series Second Battery Tray

    100 series second battery tray. Bought here on mud many moons ago when a member made a custom run of these. Asking $75 will ship on my dime.
  3. packetstormin

    SOLD PHX AZ Land Tank 80 Series Seat Extensions

    Brand new never used, asking $75 will ship on my dime.
  4. packetstormin

    Help Pulling Transfer Case from Transmission

    For the life of me I can not figure out how to pull the tcase off the tale end of the transmission. I have undone all the bolts. It comes off a little bit, but no joy. I have undone the shifter per one write up I found , but that did not work. In the picture you can see a little cyclinder...
  5. packetstormin

    For Sale Low Mileage Af343

    Hi, I have a low mileage AF343 for sale. It has 121 thousand miles on it. I am asking $300 or best offer. I can also get freight quotes if this needs to be shipped.
  6. packetstormin

    Anyone willing to look at a 100 series for me?

    Title says it all. There is a 100 series in Grand Junction that I am interested in. I would be happy to paypal you some money for your time and trouble.
  7. packetstormin

    Door lock actuator motor help

    Looked at the threads and there was no concrete answer as to which motor to buy off of eBay. I know the shaft is 10mm, but do I need the round shaft version or flat shaft version? Also, what is the deal with the collar? Do they come on the shaft already or do I reuse them off my old motor ?
  8. packetstormin

    Front sway bar bushings

    What are the steps to replace them on the 100 series. Does the suspension have to be unloaded ? It seems like there is a quite a bit of tension in the sway bar and I'm not sure the best way to tackle this project. I have done the front sway bushings on my 80 and it seems very different.
  9. packetstormin

    Chevy repair shop reccomendations

    Hi, My parents have a 94 suburban that they keep in in Albuquerque. The hydro boost assembly is leaking and we need to have it repaired. In the past they have taken it to Casa Chevrolet, but would like to avoid it this time. Does anyone have any recommendations for shops around Albuquerque...
  10. packetstormin

    Wanted 80 series wind deflector

    Title says it. If you have a rear one you want to sell pm me please.
  11. packetstormin

    For Sale Slee sliders for sale

    Title says it all. These will only fit the 95-97 80 series. They come with all new nuts and washers. There are a few spots where powder coat has failed. Slee price is 895 plus freight. I am asking 600 plus freight. They are located in AZ. Will deliver in AZ and would be willing to meet...
  12. packetstormin

    PS4 for sale

    Destiny edition. Paid 450 for it two weeks ago. Selling for 400. Perfect xmas gift.
  13. packetstormin

    Slee sliders for sale

    These are for late model trucks only (95-97). Slee is asking 895 new plus freight ( 150-200). I am asking 700 obo for mine. PM me if interested.
  14. packetstormin

    Car appraisal

    Does anyone know where I can get a written car appraisal? I know carmax does it but was wondering if anyone else knew of a place?
  15. packetstormin

    Bass pro shops has propane on sale

    99 cents for a green bottle of coleman propane. Limit 6. Thought I would pass the info along.
  16. packetstormin

    Looking for wheel spacers

    Like the title says. I need a set of four wheel spacers. If you have an extra set and want to sell it please pm me.
  17. packetstormin

    Wanted Bumpit Offroad Skid

    Looking to purchase a Bumpit Offroad skid for an 80 series. If anyone has one they aren't using yet and wants to part with it please pm me.
  18. packetstormin

    Where to buy Puma compressor?

    Hi everyone. I am looking to finally purchase my Puma compressor, yet the only one I can find for sale in the 12v model is on ebay and it 400 bucks. I thought they were around 250? Can anyone share where they bought theres from.
  19. packetstormin

    Rear wheel bearing questions

    So I will be installing new rear rotors and pads and wonder if I should replace my rear wheel bearings while I am at it? My rig is a 2000 and has about 197,000 miles on it. I know the rear wheel bearings are sealed and should last considerably longer than the front bearings, but my gut is...
  20. packetstormin

    100 Series for sale

    So the time has come for me to part ways with my beloved hundy. It is a 2000 that is silver with the tan interior. It has the towing package, roof rack, third row seat options. Important information: It has always been service at camelback Toyota since I bought it with around 136,000 miles...
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