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  1. sambudo

    Horn question the spring inside the steering wheel

    Can you buy this spring, if so where and wat does the bottom metal piece look like? I think mine might be warn out. It keeps falling inside. Does anyone have pictures what is supposed to look like? And does anyone know where to purchase from.
  2. sambudo

    Fuse box fuse melting issues

    Recently replaced wiring harness with the coolerman s harness Wiring harness. Question. having trouble with the fuses melting getting too hot. Mostly just the one for the lights the first location. The fuse melts and solder drips out of it. What could be causing this problem. WHat is the...
  3. sambudo

    Looking for these parts 1971 fj40 any suggestions

    A few parts I am looking for can any one help and point me in the right direction of who might offer these hard to find parts? Light switch Wiper switch Parking brake switch that goes on back of parking brake lever Dome light switch on dash Courtesy light right of glove box Shifter gasket boot...
  4. sambudo

    SM465 conversion

    Could someone tell me what is required to do a SM465 conversion? Currently have 1971 3spd. Was considering to do 4spd conversion. But the shafts are different and now probably need transfer case to match. So now I think the sm465 is a better option. But not knowing exactly what it entails...
  5. sambudo

    ISO 1971 parking brake drum

    1971 fj40 3spd. Any idea where I can get my hands on a new or used one of these parking brake drums with the spline?
  6. sambudo


    Does anyone know where we can source the part that holds the light switch, wiper switch or hazard switch to the dash? The ones I have are all pitted. I need the little aluminum round piece that screws on to the switches. Thanks for the help
  7. sambudo

    Front axle swap for Toyota mini p/u

    Looking for best years for axle swap for my 1971 fj40. Looking for fine spline and disc brakes. Thanks
  8. sambudo


    What is needed to hook up to 1971 f engine? What adapters? To mate up and make it work?
  9. sambudo

    ISO 1970 emergency switch

    Anyone have one or recommendations where to get one? Thanks
  10. sambudo

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Is it part of the 4wd vaccum? Its on the drivers side fender well.
  11. sambudo

    Front axle

    What years axles do you use for mini truck front end to get the front disc brakes?
  12. sambudo

    What is the difference between a 3spd and the 4spd transmission

    What are the added benefits for having the 4 SPD over a 3spd? I currently have the 3spd in my 71, and I have a 4spd for it. Is it worth to put it in? Someone said 3rd and 4th are the same . Not quite sure I understand this? What is the benefit, any? 1st granny? I have 33 x 12.50 tires.
  13. sambudo

    Wanted 1971 windshield frame hinges

    Mine are toast. What are the different years that can be used for my 1971.
  14. sambudo

    What years work for windshield frame hinges my wiper motor is at the top for

    What years can you use for the hinges l? Can't you use several different years? Please advise so i can keep my options open. Thank you
  15. sambudo

    Looking for 1971 windshield frame hinges

    Mine are toast. Does any one have a set they would like to sell?
  16. sambudo

    Windshield frame Hinge screw removal.

    I have two (2) screws that are giving me hell, i have used an impact driver with JIS bits to loosen 14 screws. 1 is stuck, and I'll continue to spray with penetrating oil and use impact new shake and break tool i just purchased. The other just spins and spins. This seems to have lost its...
  17. sambudo

    Removal windshield frame pin

    How do you get this pin out? I currently have two screws that i cannot remove one is stripped the other stuck. One hinge i can remove from frame. Whats the best way to get this pin out? Can i do in T while iys still on the vehicle?
  18. sambudo

    1971 FJ40 heater blower

    Does anyone have any info on how this resistor should be hooked up? It seems that i have only a slow speed on my fan. Any help would be grateful.
  19. sambudo


  20. sambudo

    Power steering

    What are some different options for power steering? Pros and cons bbn of the differnt set ups. I have 71 fairly stock 1f running 33 x12.50 tires not sure if it has spring lift or not. Old 72 fj40 i had Saginaw , with 37 x12.50 tires. Anyway Saginaw FJ60 And another box? I don't know what...
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