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  1. roflbox

    Power steering gearbox fluid color

    I have replaced the fluid (fed the leak for a bit) in my PS system, when I popped my PS gearbox apart yesterday, I noted that the fluid inside of the PS gearbox itself was not cherry red like the rest, it went from red to burnt brown (and smelled like it was burnt too) (I am using dex3 ATF) Is...
  2. roflbox

    Dumb weather (and antifreeze)

    My current plan was to run evaporust thermocure for a few days before overhauling the cooling system this weekend. I checked the forecast and the low tonight is 36, but I am a little concerned where I am that temperatures could be dipping below freezing. From what I can see in the radiator...
  3. roflbox

    Wiring in Tail Lights, and a few questions

    My LX came with a Dobinsons rear bumper, but the lights in the bumper were never wired into the harness. Instead of using vampire clips on 5 wires, I took an idea from this thread: And will be building an intermediary...
  4. roflbox

    Toyota Red Coolant

    I found out recently that Toyota (Hendrick in Apex) no longer keeps Toyota red coolant as a regular stock item, and you must order a case (6x 1 gallon jugs) I am going to be ordering some this week, and would like to see who else would be interested in buying some coolant as well (but does not...
  5. roflbox

    The Green Bastard

    Maintenance / Upgrades / Shenanigans below: Current Specs: 4" Dobinsons lift, heavy springs Dobinsons rear bumper Dobinsons rock sliders DFG Offroad rear drawer system ARB Front Bumper Smitty built 15.5K with synthetic rope 35" Toyo M/T Questionable age BFG spare No name roof rack Current Todo...
  6. roflbox

    SOLD Wanted: NC FZJ80 or LX450

    I have scoured Craigslist, FB, and the classifieds here, with no luck. I am interested in a FZJ80 or LX450. (triple locking not required) I am based in the 919 zipcode. Model years: 1995-1997 I am looking for a 80 series that has: limited to no body rust and chassis rust. (A little surface rust...
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