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    For Sale NW Montana 66 FJ45 drivetrain

    I did restomod on ‘66 45 3 years ago and used other parts from a FJ60. Have axles/driveshafts/engine/tranny/transfer that need to go. it was Wyoming vehicle, hadn’t run in 25 years. Engine turns over freely. Axles spin well. $350 for all. I can help load. Cannot ship.
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    Hot starting question

    I realize this has been discussed lots and consensus is to install carb cooling fan... But if I park it blazing hot and don’t try to start it till next cool morning, it starts in 1 second. If the manifold is boiling off the gas in the bowl why would it instantly start next am. Yesterday parked...
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    Confessions- embarrassing errors

    Been wrenching on cruisers for decades, done a few builds, don’t post much as my opinion and work isn’t in same league with our experts. But I do consider myself almost competent, as I do all possible work myself. But, felt I should fess up a couple of mistakes. Latest -carefully Rebuilt a...
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    Wanted Bandy tailgate

    If you have one to sell, even damaged, Please PM me thanks
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    Cool tailgate

    Anybody seen one of these tailgates? OEM? Are they available? Saw this while back on mud Thanks
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    Wanted Door limiters

    need 2 old style door limiters. The curved rod, rubber cushion, eye bolt end, castle nut end.
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    Firewall heat shield

    1: would anyone have a pic of this installed? 2: supposedly fits "late model fj40" does this mean just 79+? 3: does it help much? Thanks
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    66 dash holes fj45

    anybody know what these upper dash holes are for? 66 FJ45
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    FREE Boise

    Land Cruiser Stuff, Tire Chains, Vintage Fuel Tank
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    How level does a fuel tank need to be?

    45 project. Heard S10 tank has worked before. Got one, but seems long. Only way seems to be to tilt it. If the fuel pickup is in the low end, and vent and inlet on hi end, would it be okay? Not gonna use these springs. Will use Alcan 4" sua or go soa Thanks
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    Bent transfer lever

    Anybody know what causes the intermediate shift lever to bend in transfer case? I rebuild this case 10 years ago from a parts 40, and went to install it today. Couldn't get the shifter to work with the gate. Finally removed some parts from a working rig and noticed the bend. Nothing was noted...
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    For Sale Free top Seattle not mine

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    Wanted Fj60 power steering bracket

    Need the bracket that bolts to the left side of the block and holds the pump
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    For Sale 82 turboBj40 not mine

    1982 land cruiser diesel
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    Wanted Valve cover studs

    i need the 4 studs that hold valve cover on. They go into the rocker supports. For the tall cast aluminum valve cover 75-79 I think
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    Differences in '79 cargo windows

    Friend came to pillage a hard top side window from my '79 40. Took it home and there is a difference in his 79. 1" taller and longer approximately. Both tops look original. Both have opening vent rear windows. Both have same dash with side defrosters I thought the hard tops were the same...
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    should have bored the cylinders I guess

    I need some advice. I have a 77fj45 Canadian,that I bought&restored 10 years ago. It has low power, Especially if pulling a boat uphill. My other 2F and 1F in old 40s both have more pull. When I got it had been sitting awhile and had rusty rocker assembly but ran. Probably 120K, 20K on...
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    For Sale Paul you see this

    79 Land Cruiser fj40
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    For Sale Paul you see this?

    79 Land Cruiser fj40
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    Lpb rear tank

    Anyone know of a tank that would fit between rear frame rails, maybe even above spare similar to fj55 models. Extra space under passenger seat would be created, and less odor?
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