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  1. Graniteone

    Where is the best place to buy a Half Tub from for my 77' 40?

    Looking to buy a Half Tub for my 77 FJ40, I see a vendor on eBay but wondered if there is a preferred vendor for this item?
  2. Graniteone

    Wanted FJ60 Dash Delete Plug in Black or any color

    Anyone have a FJ60 Dash Delete Plug in Black, Brown or any color . I am trying to fill a hole and before I fabricate something I would like to go with the real deal. I ll take two if you have them. Thanks, Steve
  3. Graniteone

    Wanted Front Mud Flaps FJ60/62 decent condition

    Just like the title says. I am looking for Front Mud Flaps for 60/62 in decent condition. I have no problem doing the clean up and repaint on a decent set. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  4. Graniteone

    Wanted Black Metal Euro Mirrors for 60

    Looks like everyone is sold out of the Black Metal Euro mirrors for the 60. Does anyone have some they want to sell or know when I can find them? Thanks, S~
  5. Graniteone

    Identify this part

    Anyone know what this part number is? I am hoping this was a common part used on many tail gates and I can still find 3. Any help would be appreciated. It is for my 83’ 60 Rear tailgate.
  6. Graniteone

    Uhaul car trailer for 60?

    Anyone ever tow a 60 with 33’s on a Uhaul trailer? Will the front straps fit okay around the wheels? Going to pick up my rig pretty soon. My tow vehicle is my 2017 Tundra TRD.
  7. Graniteone

    Wanted Fj60 front Valance

    Anyone got a front valance in decent shape? No washer style. Let me know what you got! Thanks!
  8. Graniteone

    Wanted Lower rear tailgate FJ60

    Looking for a FJ60 lower rear tailgate in decent shape. Minimal rust, a few dings are no problem. Will need good photos and the ability to ship to Flagstaff, AZ. If located in Colorado I could arrange pick up. Thanks, Steve
  9. Graniteone

    For Sale Steering gear box from 83’ 60

    I have a steering gear box from my 83’ FJ60. $240 shipped lower 48. Pitman arm included. Run it as is or get it rebuilt at West Texas Off-road. Thanks, Steve
  10. Graniteone

    Anti Swaybar install FJ60

    I am trying to correct a bunch of body roll I have with my lifted OME 83' 60. Anyone install this Addco383 Anti-Roll Rear Sway Bar? 1981-1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 - Addco 383 Rear Anti-Roll Sway Bar (7/8 Diameter) [383] | $165.32 | SD Truck Springs | Leaf Springs, Helper Springs and...
  11. Graniteone

    For Sale Chrome mirrors for 60 or 62. 65$ shipped lower 48

    I have set of chrome mirrors, they will fit 60’s and 62’s. They are in very good condition! I just decided to go with all black. These are a huge upgrade over the smaller mirrors Cool Cruisers has them for $98 plus shipping. Original Style Land Cruiser Door Mirrors $65 shipped Paypal pm for info.
  12. Graniteone

    For Sale Fj60 Brown Center Console

    SOLD ! I have a Brown Center Console out of my 60 up for sale. It is in really good condition. $100 plus the ride. Paypal Located in Golden, CO. PM me
  13. Graniteone

    Wanted FJ60 Brown Seat Belt Holster drivers side

    All good, found one at Yota yard! Thanks!
  14. Graniteone

    Wanted Fairly priced FJ60 Mud flaps

    Found! Thanks Mud! Yep, looking for some decent Mud flaps for my 83' FJ60. PM me with what you got.
  15. Graniteone

    For Sale Con-Ferr 60"x67" with floor and 6 mounts -Colorado

    SOLD, SOLD! I have decide to throw my RTT on my 60 vs a rack so I have decide to sell my Garvin Wilderness (Con-Ferr style) 60"x67" rack and it comes with 6 brackets. It is super solid rack but could use some paint or stripped and powder coated. I got this rack only a few months ago so I have...
  16. Graniteone

    Winter road trip in my new ride.

    Well, maybe I shouldn't drink whiskey and surf eBay but I did. Last night I had the winning bid for a 1983 FJ60 based in Spokane, WA. I had been eyeballing it since the listing went up and got lucky with a last second bid. Spoke to current owner multiple times over the course of the auction...
  17. Graniteone

    Wanted Warn 8274

    Found one locally! Looking for a used Warn 8274. Complete. Must be willing to ship to Colorado. Can be a blank spool. Thanks! S~
  18. Graniteone

    Which winch?

    I am considering adding a winch to my 77' 40, I have the stock bumper currently but would not be opposed to picking up a HFS bumper for this. I see a lot of FJ40's carrying the Warn 1824 winch but that thing is pretty spendy for a winch of that size. What other options are folks running on their...
  19. Graniteone

    Wanted Con-Ferr 5' x 5'.5" for FJ40

    Looking for a 5' x 5'5" Con-Ferr Rack for my 77' FJ40 in Golden, CO. I am comfortable with having to repaint if needed and understand shipping will be spendy. Send me a PM Thanks, Steve
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