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    HELP. Broke my front diff at Moab.

    After spending a year building my lx I finally made it out to moab. Easily conquered Hells Gate and on the way out there was a steep detour. The tires warmed up from some burning rubber and then some wheel bounce and snap. The front diff broke. I managed to get out of there using the center...
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    For Sale Boise,ID 2004 Lexus Lx470 116K

    been pretty stressed about what to do so I figured I'd test the waters. So my wife rear ended a semi trailer in stop and go traffic. Impact was maybe at 5mph. Its a clean title. Had some front end damage. I have all the parts purchased already. -hood -grill -bumper -the little support that goes...
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    Wanted Lx470 front off road bumper, new lift kit, rear off road bumper, rood rack

    my wife rear ended a semi trailer on the lx470, bought her a new truck so now a good time to mid it i guess. Thanks dear. So before I buy new looking for whats out there. Wheels and tires also would be nice.
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    For Sale 22" TRD OEM Wheels and Tires

    Selling these, I picked them up to keep if I ever buy something to put them on. Now im into f150's and probably wont buy a tundra anytime soon. I also have a set of the same wheels but the lexus version that i will be posting as well. im located in boise id. I run a small fleet of semi truck...
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    Wanted WTB lx470 spoiler, running board brackets

    I've got my flares, I've got my wheels, now I need a spoiler. Mine is a 04. Also need brackets for running board.
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    Wanted Landcruiser fender flares 100

    Hey guys looking for a set of fender flares the my 04 cruiser. Feel free to call or text me 253 397 9173
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