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  1. gregkline55

    Warn 5687 Rebuild

    So was able to pick up this 5687 very cheap recently, will be putting it on my FJ60. Unit was is good shape for its age, no damage to the case or spool so I jumped on it. Also had most of the parts for the brake which was a plus, the missing/broken items I'll grab from Herm. Opened up the case...
  2. gregkline55

    Vortec Swap - Mounting PCM Inside

    So have been scouring the many vortec swap builds on here and cant seem to find any great info/pictures on this. I'm trying to decide where to mount the PCM inside, its a large unit so not sure where to put it without losing the use of my glove box. If anyone has any photos I'd love to see...
  3. gregkline55

    Factory Electrical Connectors?

    Rebuilding my chassis harness and have a few connectors that are worn and/or broken. Where can I find replacements for these? What series are they or are they toyota specific?
  4. gregkline55

    Vortec Oil Pressure Sensor Adapter

    So ive searched around without much luck, looking to see if anyone sells or knows where to find something like whats in the post below. Allows the use of the GM and Toyota oil pressure sensor. I know it could be made and trust me, if I wasnt forced to work from home I would, any helps...
  5. gregkline55

    Identifying Leaf Springs

    Looking to see if anyone can help tall what brand/model these are, they came on my wagon when I got it. This is the only marking that I can make out, looks just like the markings on OME units but I cant find that part number Anyone have any insight on this?
  6. gregkline55

    Heater Bypass Valve Cable

    So I'm working on my vortec swap, have been thinking about the bypass valve since it needs to be changed for the swap. I will be running the Old Air Products bypass (linked below) that is a manual valve just like the original unit, that being said it is adjusted with a push-pull style cable...
  7. gregkline55

    Vortec Swap Headers and PCM Location

    So two questions here, Im going to be starting my vortec swap in my '81 and am in the process of ordering parts. 1. What are most people using for headers? I know AA makes some but I'm curious if there are any OEM variants that work or if the truck manifolds will fit? 2. Has anyone mounted...
  8. gregkline55

    FJ60 - 12HT Transmission Choice

    So I've been looking into a 12HT swap for my 60 and am trying to decide on a transmission choice. On one hand I would love my lady to be able to easily drive it with an A440F auto in it but at the same time I would rather an H55F in it. So I'm trying to weigh my options on this, from a...
  9. gregkline55

    Automatic Brake Pedal

    So I have an '82 60 that I'm doing a vortec/4L60E swap in, obviously the 60 is a manual and I will be going to a 2 pedal situation. So my question is, is there a whole different assembly or is it just the pedal that will be swapped out?
  10. gregkline55

    Overall lengths and double adapting in a 60

    So I have been doing a lot of research lately about the use of a Mercedes OM606 in an FJ60. The idea of a newer turbo diesel that can be completely mechanical is very appealing to me as is the power that it can make. To make this a little more complicated I would like to do this with an...
  11. gregkline55

    Hell and High Water - A Build

    After making my first post on here last week I can now say that I've officially become an FJ60 owner! So I've always wanted a 60 or 62 but never thought that the day would come that I would be able to find one without having it shipped in from out west, but lucky for me I had a coworker that...
  12. gregkline55

    Thoughts on this 60?

    Hi everyone, new member here! So to start off I come from a background of vintage BMWs and Porsches and have recently started finding myself really enjoying the older toyotas. Being in upstate NY you be hard pressed to find any toyota 4x4 that isnt filled with rust or on its 2nd (at least)...
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