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    For Sale 80 series shift lever knob leather

    Yes it is.
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    For Sale 80 series shift lever knob leather

    Takeoff from 1996 land cruiser. Good condition for age. Some wear on top (see pics). No tears, not worn through anywhere. P/N: 33542-20160-C0 $50 + shipping Accept paypal or Venmo. New to mud, but have eBay feedback I can share. Also OK to do Paypal G&S.
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    For Sale Scion T1819 Head Unit

    Bought this to go in the cruiser but decided to go for a carplay headunit instead. Plug and play, but does require additional scion harness to use bluetooth audio. Tested and working. Will include antenna adapter (a $7 value!). $50 plus shipping.
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    Axel seals leaking 4K miles after rebuild?!

    New to the land cruiser world, recently bought a ‘96 that seems well cared for by the prior owner. I got a pre purchase inspection which informed me that I need a knuckle rebuild. I looked at the knuckles and sure enough, they’re leaking and look like all the pictures I’ve seen on here of...
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