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    HZJ79 Swivel hub shims

    G'day all. I've got a question about the swivel hub shims on a HZJ79. I'm aware that for the earlier hubs there is a tool for measuring the required number of shims top and bottom to locate the CV shaft in the inner seal so it doesn't wear prematurely or fail to seal entirely. Is there...
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    1hz Conrod Question

    G’day everyone. Have a question about 1hz Conrod bearings. I bought a 2003 HZJ79 a little while ago, it had been rolled and they had attempted to start it with oil on top of the pistons and bent one rod and wrecked that piston. I’ve bought a new genuine piston. The rods I have, have ‘7202’...
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    My 47 build

    This is my 1984 HJ47 that I've pieced together from a few different utes. It all started with my brother buying a real nice, tidy 47 and crashing it, bending the cab on one side. It had a rebuilt 2H and hadn't long been resprayed. The place he was working on had a spare cab, so we started to fix...
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