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    fs Tires Michelin 275/70/16

    Size 275/70/16 Here is my posting on cL. 2 tires for $100.
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    FS - 80 Series Spider Kits

    80 Series Spider Kit. I have a full set of spider kit for my 80. For sale... Part # 04371-36030 04371-60070 Brand new, bought it from cDan. Don't remember how much I paid for. All 4 of them for $70 ???
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    80 Series - Radiator, Bilstein shock, OEM Manual

    I have a brand new 1994 OEM radiator. I think it will fit with all the 80 series. Bought it from Dan (American Toyota). Still in the package! I have not opened it up yet. I will let go for $360 plus shipping. <sold> A pair of brand new rear Bilstein B46-1478 shocks. <sold>...
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    ~ 1996 Supercharged LC - Feeler

    <<<Sold>>>> :( :(
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    Bunch of brand new 80 series OEM parts

    I haven't sort all of them yet. Let me start with radiator today. 1) 1994 brand new Toyota OEM Radiator $385 2) Brand new water pump 3) .. Can bring to PMC Swap meet. PM me or email me.
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    Is this 80 or 100 ??? :)

    I stole some pictures from 100 pictures thread, and photochop them. I have always prefer the look of 80 from the rear, and I was wondering if anyone had changed the way like these photochop. :) Sorry for my lack of chopping skills. :D
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    1998 Lexus GS 400 - V8 Low miles

    Anyone interested in my 98 Lexus GS 400? This is a well pampered GS400, and has service record since 98. Please PM me or email me for more info, and I will be more than happy to send you service records, and more pictures. I got 25MPG on my last trip to Lake Tahoe last summer, and 19-20MPG in...
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    Any pic of ARB Front bumper without lift?

    Can someone post me some pictures of ARB Front bumper without any lift? I have seen it before, and I could not really find it anymore. I will eventually want to get a lift, but for now I want to save some money first and buy ARB.
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    Timing chain slipper change?

    Hello .... Does anyone change Timing chain slipper while doing HG? Do I need to remove the oil pan? Thanks in advance.
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    blackstone report - coolant

    Here is my blackstone report for future comparison. I put in some cheap oil first to clean the engine before I was going to switch to M1 Synthetic. Good thing I caught it early? Engine still drive strong, no overheating, no milky stuff on oil cap, no bubble, and no white smoke. I did...
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    Toyota service Operation code?? Anyone work at Toyota?

    Does anyone here work at Toyota Dealer or know the full description of the operation code? I got a print out of summary of service history. I was wondering if you know operation code like these 57TOZHC, 17TOZ. 01TOZLOF??? Are they standard code for all Toyota dealership or are they different...
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    Wanted Wanted: Rear sway bar 80 series

    Thank you. Please PM me. :)
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    1997 LX 450 Locked and stock - not mine

    This is not mine! I saw this on local CL ad, and I just checked this out this morning. It looks clean. No rusty roof rack. "D" light is out, and antenna doesn't go down. Pearl Champange. 129K miles and he is asking for 10K to 12K.
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    WTB: LX 470 - White or Black

    Hi All, My cousin is looking for either Black or White clean LX 470. He may consider for other color too. He is located in the SF Bay Area, (Milpitas, CA). He is willing to travel for the right truck... If you are selling or saw ad in your local ad, please PM or email me. :)...
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    Love the sound of this 80

    Roar like a lion. :) Love it! :cool:
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    80 Series rotor 10K miles

    I have a set OEM 80 series front rotor with 10K miles on it. I have receipt to prove. A set of brand new rotor from cDan is about $155. I don't know, how about $50 or best offer? I am planning to repack front end, and I am thinking of buying DBA. :cool:
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    Acura Legend GS Black/Black

    I have a beautiful Acura Legend GS Black/Black. Please email me if you are interested. calshu@yahoodotcom I am expecting price of $6900 Edit: This is 1994. 123K :) 230 HP, and smooth like butter
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    Avg life of rotor??

    Hi All, What’s the average life of OEM 80 rotor? 30K - 60K? What about for aftermarket rotor like DBA and a few others? I am planning to rebuild my front knuckle, and I am trying to decide if I should replace my current rotor which has about 10K miles on them. :)
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    Wanted Knuckle Rebuild DVD -

    I have contacted elmariachi a few times, but no luck. Does anyone want to sell me their Steering Knuckle Rebuild on DVD by elmariachi ? Thanks.
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    Has anyone painted their roof to white?

    Like title said, anyone seen 80 with white roof? Like fj40 and FJC...
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