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  1. rongroth

    Brown stuff in my coolant

    I found little globules of oil in my coolant this week. The truck also stuttered and threw P0301. I was fearing the HG (I’ve done it twice on my ‘93) but I did a leak-down on #6 cylinder and it was solid. I didn’t have time to do it on all cylinders. Does the HG *always* happen on #6? I’ll also...
  2. rongroth

    '96 FJ80 noisy / rattling windows ?

    I just replaced my window runs and it took care of my “part-way-down” rattling.
  3. rongroth

    Injector Cleaning w/o Removal - Fuel Pump Disable

    Ok, that makes sense. Thanks so much for pointing that out.
  4. rongroth

    How To: Belt Moulding Replacement

    Very helpful! Even though I broke the dumb "batwing" thing that I was warned about. :rolleyes:
  5. rongroth

    Injector Cleaning w/o Removal - Fuel Pump Disable

    Thanks, @jonheld, I tried that also. I think it may be the case that I shouldn't have expected the truck to run on carb cleaner. I sprayed some in the throttle body after I put everything back together and it took a little cranking to get it going.
  6. rongroth

    Injector Cleaning w/o Removal - Fuel Pump Disable

    Well, once again I have been outsmarted by a complex system. Directly disconnecting the fuel pump did not allow the truck to fire, either. I then thought I was being clever realizing the circuit may need to be completed and so I jumped the red/green wire in the fuel pump electrical connector...
  7. rongroth

    Injector Cleaning w/o Removal - Fuel Pump Disable

    I watched a clever video by AliMech on Youtube where he pulled the fuse for the fuel pump and created a hose to connect an aerosol injector cleaner to the fuel rail. He then started the car and ran it on the entire can of cleaner. He followed this up by demonstrating the spray pattern being...
  8. rongroth

    Fuel Pump Relay Cleaning

    This is a great writeup. The truck did seem to run better after cleaning, but I still have the 2100 rpm hesitation. The search continues!
  9. rongroth

    Fuel Pump Filter Replacement

    This was great, thanks for the writeup. A little piece of extra info, which maybe no one else will run into, but on initial installation, I managed to cause the fuel level detector to be stuck and had to take it all back apart when it didn't register upon filling up. Doh! Nothing specific, but I...
  10. rongroth

    Rear Hatch Lock Issues/Actuator Fix

    Replacing the actuator is working great. Thanks!
  11. rongroth

    Radiator leak. Fixable?

    Here is some information I found about PA66-GF30 on the plastic radiator tank: Customers often contact advanced radiators looking for a radiator and they give us a part number of PA66GF30. As they find this number on the radiator. However this isn't a part number, this refers to the type of...
  12. rongroth

    EGR VSV Success on my LX450 (fj80)

    This worked out great for me. Thanks so much for posting. I veered slightly from the approach and reused the existing hoses and UV epoxied the threaded stud of the new VSV to the side of the existing VSV. Because the hoses were in good shape I didn't want to attempt to reattach new hoses. I had...
  13. rongroth

    FZJ80 Towing Ability

    Old thread, but since I just flew in (not) from an RV towing trip, I thought I’d add my experience. 95 LC. 3500 gross RV with plenty o’ fishing and cycling gear. Traveling in CA August during heat wave. 102 degrees northbound on 5 in Central Valley. Trying to keep engine temp below 221 with a/c...
  14. rongroth


    An additional observation - after replacing the failed u-joint on my '93 I cleverly decided to grease those on my '95. I found the same u-joint which failed on the '93 was not able to be greased on my '95 because the angle the u-joint is at did not allow enough space for the grease gun to reach...
  15. rongroth


    I just put the truck up in the air and it is super obvious that the front u-joint on the rear drive shaft is complete shot. Thanks for all in responses and suggestions!
  16. rongroth

    FJ80 A/C Tubing ID Needed

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions, guys!
  17. rongroth

    FJ80 A/C Tubing ID Needed

    Well, I kinda screwed myself there by attempting to make it fit by modifying it. Doh.
  18. rongroth


    I haven't replaced the u-joints and I doubt the prior owner did as I bought it with 115k on it. It now has 327k. A reasonable lifespan to be sure.
  19. rongroth


    Hello, My '93 has recently started having a vibration. I don't know if there was an event that preceded it as my son is the main driver. I did query about any possible curb slam or high-center event but he assured me there wasn't. (We'll see.) I looked through other threads and couldn't quite...
  20. rongroth

    FJ80 A/C Tubing ID Needed

    Thanks, @maxamillion2345! I hadn't realized that was an option. That is a fine suggestion and a great way to deal with it.
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