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    Concerning Engine accelerating sound

    FJ60 1984. Recently changed transmission oil, gear box oil and engine oil and the sound existed prior as well. While accelerating at a high speed or on even small hills there is a high grinding / screech like sound - that is heard only when I accelerate. Often the car also slows down when I’m...
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    Home for Xmas HELP!

    I have an FJ60 in Brooklyn NY. My center rear brake hose is leaking and now my brakes won’t work. I need to find and overnight a hose to replace in order to drive home for the holidays! I have one ordered from autozone but won’t come in in time :( anyone in BK that might be able to help or...
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    4Runner MC T100 swap

    I can’t locate a MC for my 84 FJ in town to save my life. But found a 93 4Runner with a MC and reservoir and saw that it’s a common upgrade. is there anything beyond the new MC and reservoir I need use it to upgrade? Stuck traveling and eager to get back on thr road home.
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    Smoke out of both front wheels

    Thanks for the response - he didn’t rebuild the knuckles,definitely something I need to do. But got the wheels off and the drivers side rotor is about an eighth of a size bigger! thinking it’s causing the brakes to drag and cook the fluid throughout. Replacing both rotors and pads now.
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    Smoke out of both front wheels

    I have an FJ60, 84. Thought the brakes were frozen so we replaced the calipers and rubber lines. I left it with a trusted mechanic to rebuild the front end and make sure the 4 wheel drive was in working order as that seemed like a bit of a beast project to tackle early on my own. But now the car...
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    Front End - steering dampener snapped

    Hey! I just picked up about a week ago an 84 FJ60 from Los Angeles and drove it across country to Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s a beast. But has caused some problems as I’ve been repairing issues from the PO. I realized late that my whole front end really got worked by the PO on a trail...
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