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  1. merlinridesagain

    SOLD NorCal (south bay) 71 FJ40 mostly original

    Sale pending
  2. merlinridesagain

    SOLD NorCal (south bay) 71 FJ40 mostly original

    Back up for sale - same price 5k. It's been almost seven years since I listed this and i've done a couple of things - cleaned up the battery/frame reverting the original owner's dual battery setup to a single battery and cleaned up the frame around that. Also stripped and R&R the rear axle...
  3. merlinridesagain

    71 FJ40 A work in progress...

    It's been a while and just started to have more time to work on the project. The rear axle did get finished with all new brakes and lines. The only old line I have left is the rear line from the master to the rear flex hose. I'll do that at some point. The battery completely died due to my...
  4. merlinridesagain

    Roll Call: 40's in the SF Bay Area

    South bay - Cupertino. Not on the road much, but still trying to squeeze in as much time as I can cleaning things up. I see the occasional 40/60 around here and it always reminds me to keep working on mine :)
  5. merlinridesagain

    Wanted speedo 3/69 through 9/72

    sorry, forgot this thread was opened. I managed to find one. Thanks.
  6. merlinridesagain

    71 FJ40 A work in progress...

    Getting back to working on the project again. I think I'm over my temporary insanity trying to sell the cruiser after a family loss. Working on it, however slowly, is better than not at all. Started on the rear axle last summer and just getting back to it. So here's the starting point. Not...
  7. merlinridesagain

    Rescued 1971 FJ40

    Nice thread, it looks like you're on the right path. Here are some pics of my rear setup that is an 8/71. I had trouble sourcing oem date correct cylinders so went with the next year up 9/71- 9/75. Check out the pages for the brake line/components. It looks like you need an L...
  8. merlinridesagain

    Column shift reverse light switch location

    I looked around back in 2011 and couldn't find a source for one. Ended up just cleaning up the existing one. Maybe a WTB in classifieds or look for a parting out if you're lucky. Good luck.
  9. merlinridesagain

    SOLD NorCal (south bay) 71 FJ40 mostly original

    I'm sorry this is on hold - SWMBO told me to wait until I was thinking more rationally...
  10. merlinridesagain

    SOLD NorCal (south bay) 71 FJ40 mostly original

    It pains me to do this but I just don’t see myself putting the time in that this deserves. So up for sale it goes to someone who can give this the time and attention it needs. I’d prefer local pick up and hopefully someone wanting to keep this original… 1971, mostly unmolested, FJ40 with...
  11. merlinridesagain

    Builds 1st FJ40, '76 - SMOKEY - Puttin’ her Back Together

    Great work - an inspiration....reminds me I need to get back at it again. Happy new year!
  12. merlinridesagain

    Roll bar safety issue fj40

    And what did you ask for, I didn't see that design on their site? I'd like something, but not a full roll cage and this looks good...
  13. merlinridesagain

    second generation t-case saver free give-away

    That looks very nice - it was in the back of my mind to get it done, now I know where to go. Nice work!
  14. merlinridesagain

    Removal of Factory Hubs 1975 FJ55 - Free and Locked

    You're on the right track :D These things are stubborn, just keep cranking until either you run out of threads on the tool or the tre pops. It will be loud! Wear eye protection. With your tool if it bottoms out on the tool, move to the other pivot and retry.
  15. merlinridesagain

    Removing Tie Rod End (TRE) with OTC Tools

    I was doing a complete front end rebuild so went for the kit. I'd also start spraying down the steering rod and relay rod clamps so you can get the TRE off once it's free from the steering knuckle...
  16. merlinridesagain

    Removal of Factory Hubs 1975 FJ55 - Free and Locked

    On the hub gaskets, being paper/card I applied a little RTV just to get a good seal. It also makes it easier next time rather than the paper seal disintegrating. Keeping the four bolts on is easiest and no reason to loosen...
  17. merlinridesagain

    Removing Tie Rod End (TRE) with OTC Tools

    Nice, pictures and glad you're making progress. I used the tool in picture #1, it was cheap and available at amazon vs a 30 day wait. Although the one in the picture looks a bit nicer with two pivot points. You need to keep cranking. If there isn't any more thread left, move to the other...
  18. merlinridesagain

    Wheel bearings -semi float axle

    Sorry if the internet made me sound like a &^*&^ - it wasn't the intent :D Doubt it's critical - just a detail I've seen in a few places and it's the current area I'm overhauling so I've spent some time reading...and now trying to share.
  19. merlinridesagain

    Barn Rebuild: The family heirloom

    +1 Excellent - thanks for sharing a good read and reference for the future!
  20. merlinridesagain

    Wheel bearings -semi float axle

    What like these clips?
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