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    Toyota PTO clutch lever broken: anyone have a spare

    Hi Guys, I have been using the PTO on my 1982 FJ40 and have unfortunately broken the dog-clutch lever then engages the drive to the drum. Does anyone have one they could sell me? I'm in Australia, which will be a bit of a hassle with postage, but any help would be appreciated. I have looked...
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    '93 1fz-fe engine knock. Main bearings = toast = cracked crank

    I have suggestion if the engine is still in the car. 2 chains, loop them around the chassis rails on each side of the harmonic balancer and put a bolt through the end to secure the chain. Now with the free ends of the chains, bolt them (M8x1.25 from memory) to the HB left chain to the top of...
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    Help, I'm in FJ40 door weatherstrip replacement hell

    Nice one, hope it works well.
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    Help, I'm in FJ40 door weatherstrip replacement hell

    What about this for a left - field suggestion? I was into cycling for many years, this double sided tape is designed to stick rubber tyres to metal (alloy) or carbon rims. Traditionally this was done with Mastic style glue, a bit like this weather stripping...
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