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    Oil Pressure Switch Testing

    No power to the oil pressure switch at the connectors. Started tracing the wiring back from the connectors at the switch. Came across what looks like a jump/splice between power and ground wires. First time looking at this. Can't believe it should look like this but wanted to get feedback...
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    Front End Clunk

    Recently did a complete knuckle service. Everything was torqued to spec. While I was in there I removed the brake pads and cleaned up the pins. Pins and pads are a year old. I am getting an intermittent clunk on the driver's side when entering the driveway curb cut while the wheel is...
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    Injector Connector Order 1FZFE (1993)

    Lost track of which connectors go to which injectors specifically on 4,5,&6. Looks like they alternate by color. A few pics for review. Appreciate the help.
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    Wanted '93 or '94 FZJ80 Front Bumper Extension Driver's Side

    Please PM with price. Any color is fine. Thanks.
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    #6 Piston Damage w/Pics

    Pulled the head earlier today and found pitting on the #6 piston. One decent ding at the edge of the piston. Pic with red straw shows the location. Straw is 2mm in diameter for scale. Was hoping to get feed back on whether or not this piston needs to come out. Also included is a photo of...
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    Rear Locker Actuator Motor Problem.on

    New to the site but have spent hours pushing days now gleaning the great info here which I appreciate. Vehicle in question is a '93 80 series with 154,000 miles. Lives in the rust belt. Rear locker is not working. Removed it and disassembled completely. Cleaned it thoroughly. The shunt...
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