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    Owl plug-and-play LX courtesy/puddle replacement and rock lights

    Just received mine. Thanks again! Now to find some lights to buy.... any recommendations?
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    Parting Out Franklin, TN - 1998 100 Series - gray/tan

    I’m looking for this door, the one circled in yellow
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    Wanted Looking for 1/4" Slip on spacers for 100-series

    Hey guys I found some Rock Warriors and I would like to use them with some 0.25" (1/4") wheel spacers. I know I can order some Bora's but I wanted to give it a shot on here first to see if anyone had some. Thanks!
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    SOLD Houston, TX TRD Rock Warrior Five Lug Wheels

    Thanks again!
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    Parting Out 1999 Landcruiser 100 Series

    Looking for the long rectangular door circled in yellow
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    Why no TRD Pro Heritage Edition Matte Bronze on 100 Series?

    I’m looking to throw a set on my 100 if I can find some locally. I’m curious about this center cap modification…
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    TLCA 31st Annual Great Smoky Mountain Trail Ride

    I'm headed up from Orlando, FL. Going to make a couple stops along the way as we will have a 6 month old with us. Looking forward to it!
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    31st Annual Great Smoky Mountain Trail Ride

    Just registered... first timer here
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    How-To: TechStream In 5 Minutes

    You guys need to go into your BIOS settings and turn on the option for virtual machines. Message me
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    Owl plug-and-play LX courtesy/puddle replacement and rock lights

    Glad to hear you’re making more!
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    SOLD Florida : Looking for Rock Warrior wheels

    Thank you but that’s a bit far from me
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    SOLD Florida : Looking for Rock Warrior wheels

    Hey guys, I’m in Central Florida and looking for some Rock Warriors if anyone has a set. I’d also be interested in buying single wheels. Thanks!
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    fuel pump longevity

    I have no input. But recently picked up a 2000 w/ 280k. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to tackle the fuel pump before taking my family on a road trip.
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    Bora wheel spacers going up 15% on May 1, 2022

    I’m in the market for some, thanks
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    ECU flashing for 100 series

    Just finished installing an ECU from Mauser, works great and saved me a ton of $. Thanks again!!
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    Nakamichi Update - '99 LX 470

    Hi guys... new guy here. Just picked up a 2000 LX470 and I'm digging in.... looks like previous owner already had an amp bypass under the passenger seat. Gonna install a 5-channel amp, new coaxials in the door, and a sub in the factory location. I'm gonna read through this thread for some...
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    LX470 Subwoofer Replacement Recs?

    You should never wire only one coil of a dual voice coil subwoofer. That is improper. Your options are 2, or 8 ohms…
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    Wanted Florida: WTB factory LX470 wheels

    Nobody has any in Florida?
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