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    A440 reliability

    Sold my trusty BJ60 and am looking at an 89 HJ60 with the auto. How is the reliability of these trannies? I had the 5-speed so I have no idea what to look for. Thanks for any insights. The truck has 260 km and is a JDM.
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    how to tighten injector lines

    Dumb question, I know. I have had them off before. Any tricks to getting them to stop leaking upon reinstallation. I just swapped in some rebuilt injectors. Thanks for any ideas. 84' BJ60 317km
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    Tach troubles

    I switched a used one in with no success. Today, I pulled and checked the sender and it gave me 480 ohms. Is there a way to check the tach itself? Thanks for any help. 84 BJ60
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    burning smell on long hills

    This has happened a few times. hubs are all cool. Diffs. and xfer and full. engine is cool (water anyway). Dealer could find nothing. Don't see any restriction in the breather. I thought clutch but I don't know. I thought I was getting chatter, but my revs may be set too low. Thanks for any ideas.
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    Garrett T3 in 3b?

    I'm still waiting for the right price…which is essentially free. The approach is not working very well. Anyway, there is this t3 (apparently new) that I can get for 175. Work or no work on the 3b? I recall seeing something about this combination on the list, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks.
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    TDI turbo on 3b?

    Will one of these work? I can get one for a 100 bucks. Don't know if it will fit or work. On the volks, I think they start to spool up at 1200 rpm. 84' BJ60 290 km
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    TC rebuild headspace

    OK, trying to get my head around the TC rebuild before I go in since the truck is my ONLY driver and I want to get it done sameday. As far as I can tell, the output shaft pulls out no problem, the input shaft needs the rear bearing removed first. I am leaving the case in the truck. How do I get...
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    Stump pulling?

    Anyone ever tried to pull a stump with their cruisers? I have a six inch stump that I would like to pull out of my yard. Left it long to get a rope around it. Wishful thinking? 84'BJ60 stock except OME medium heavy
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    ps pump - off again, on again?

    What gives? My ps pump was on the blink for about a week. I had to crank the thing to steer. Ordered a rebuilt that has not arrived yet. In the meantime, the old pump has been working fine for the past five days or so. It never leaked, just stopped working for a time. Any ideas? 84'BJ60 270...
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    PS pump - repairable?

    84' BJ60. Power steering pump gone. steering was getting choppy, then stopped. Like driving a tank now. Replaced with a used one a few years back. This one is out of commission now. Can these be flushed or repaired? Thanks for any help on this daily driver, 84'BJ60 287 km, stock except...
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    Front double-cardan on 5 speed 84BBJ60?

    Title says it all. I ordered a front driveshaft from cruiserparts. The one they sent me is 23,5 inches. Mine is 27 inches to the end of flanges. Did this vehicle come with a double-cardan joint on the front driveshaft? It's an 84BJ60, 5 speed and it has a double-cardan joint. Thanks for any...
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    Help - Does this 3B sound normal?

    OK…I'm paranoid now. Yeah, the first time I cried wolf it was just the exhaust banging on the the frame. I just don't want to damage the engine if there is a problem. Recap…I changed the nozzles myself without setting the crack pressures. Is this normal detonation or fuel knock or am I just...
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    Is this a problem?

    Just got off the highway after a 45 minute drive at 100km/h. When I came to a a stop I heard something like construction hammering outside. Turned out it was my engine. Just a tick at idle and when revved a little it was a banging. I was ready to call a tow truck and figured the 3b was toast...
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    Ass-sideways driving!

    This problem has been getting worse lately. Today, my drivers side rear drum seized (or froze) on me twice. Once I had only driven about 2 miles and parked for about 30 minutes. I had applied the park brake. When I released the park brake, I could not move. Since it was about minus 20, I wasn't...
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    Can't back up?

    In the 84' BJ60, after the truck has been parked for awhile, I release the park brake but can't back up. It feels as if it's binding. The front hubs are locked, but the truck is not in 4wd. If I move forward slightly, I can reverse without a problem. Just started the last few weeks. The rear...
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    Relay madness!

    Glow plug sensor strap is now totally fried off. I NEED to connect to the juice somehow. I see two possibilities. 1. Connect to the correct contact on the fender relay. 2. Connect to the two leads that are now bolted to the resistor on the intake manifold. For number 1, I can identify the...
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    OK Mr. Wilson…what now?

    OK, so I told Toyota to stick their parts and decided to go with a Wilson switch. I get the general idea. But my glow sensor is pretty much fried at the end so I have to bypass that connection and connect directly to the busbar at one of the glow plugs. Question is, what do I have to disconnect...
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    resistor - what's it for?

    I'm replacing my current sensor on the BJ60 and wondering what is burning them up (admittedly the second was also a used one, so maybe age is the culprit) Curious if the resistor, if it was bad, would have any effect on the sensor. Don't like paying over 200 clams for a twisted strip of sheet...
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    Looking for 12v 3b glow plug resistor

    Mine has fried off at the end for the second time.
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    Glowless and clueless - Help!

    I just put two new batteries in the BJ60 (bigger ones than the last - 870 cca's I think). Turns over great now. And for about a week it started perfectly. Now I have no glow whatsoever. I have not bothered to check the plugs since it seems unlikely they would all go at once. Also, there is no...
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