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  1. cpcc

    For Sale DE, 2016 LX570 21 inch OEM rims tires tpms

    selling my stock 2016 LX570 21 inch OEM rims tires tpms. $1200 Local Pick up only
  2. cpcc

    need reliable transport company

    Hello, Needing to transport my car and suv to philly. Anyone know of any reliable transportation companies? Thanks in advance.
  3. cpcc

    For Sale 1992 FJ 80 $3000, 120k

    For sale is 1992 FJ80 PICTURES following.
  4. cpcc

    For Sale 1992 3fe 116kmiles

    1992 3fe 80 series. New items over he past 2 years: master cylinder radiator plugs wires/cap/rotor EGR bypassed Oil pan seal valve job and valve cover gasket Distributor o ring Transmission power flush SS brake lines hood vents water pump, OEM T-Stat, OEM all new belts and hoses Rebuilt Front w/...
  5. cpcc

    For Sale LC100 TRD Supercharger

    Bought it off ebay ~2 years ago. Still in the box it was shipped in, unopened. Bought 2 new pulleys and belts over the past 2 years, before TRD sold out, in case replacements were ever needed. Also have a second gas tank I bought from the group buy for my LC100. Still in the box and never...
  6. cpcc

    Wanted Stock Tbar for 100

    Hello, Looking to get rid of my 2 inch lift and larger t bars on my 100. ~30k on them. Simply looking to buy a set of stock torsion bars for my 2004 100series. thanks
  7. cpcc

    Wanted Someone to make my FJ80 to a diesel

    I just bought an fj80 1992 from tx with absolutely no rust and only 102k miles. It looks brand new. Given that I have a 100, I wanted to make this into a diesel vehicle. Dont have the time to spend so looking for someone with the skills and parts to get the stuff and do the swap for me. Drop...
  8. cpcc

    What did I break?

    I just broke the bolt on the right side of the back bumper. You can see the bolt about 1 foot to the right of the muffler. Anyone know what it is and how I replace the nut and bolt? thanks
  9. cpcc

    Removed Roof Rack, Now What?

    I just removed the roof rack off of the LX. Came off pretty easily. Now there appears to be some plastic plate on the roof which is keeping me from aligning the bolts properly. 1) Should I remove this plastic pieces (look like the sole of a flip flop with 2 holes). 2) The other issue...
  10. cpcc

    Michelins or Dunlops

    The time is coming to replace my tires. I wanted to go with the same size as my stock 18 inchers. What do you guys recommend? Michelin Pilot LTX, Dunlop Grandtrek, or Bridgestone Duelers?
  11. cpcc

    Key Programming '04 LX

    Help! I got a new key for my 2004 Lx. I've spent all day trying to program the new key I got from the Lexus dealer. Can anyone give me some insight into what I may be going wrong? I have used the directions on this website Depress brake and accel together, then insert the master key, press acc...
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