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    Wanted Looking for 1/4" Slip on spacers for 100-series

    Hey guys I found some Rock Warriors and I would like to use them with some 0.25" (1/4") wheel spacers. I know I can order some Bora's but I wanted to give it a shot on here first to see if anyone had some. Thanks!
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    SOLD Florida : Looking for Rock Warrior wheels

    Hey guys, I’m in Central Florida and looking for some Rock Warriors if anyone has a set. I’d also be interested in buying single wheels. Thanks!
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    Wanted Florida: WTB factory LX470 wheels

    Hey guys I’m in central Florida and looking for some original wheels for my 2000 LX470… anybody got some laying around?
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    New 100-series owner in Florida

    Hi guys... new LX470 owner checking in. Had been eyeballing an LX/LC for a few weeks. After looking at a few I pulled the trigger on this 2000 LX470 and I love it so far. I'm new to the 4x4 world but I've been lurking around here trying to learn as much as possible. The truck came with some nice...
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