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  1. Wadepat2

    Ignition timing

    Quick question for everyone with OBD2 and tech stream. Does anyone have log of timing at idle and cruise? Not sure if techstream shows this. My GCC spec LC doesn't have obd2 and technstream doesn't give timing advance on mine. I'm tuning my TRD supercharger. Wot is easy on dyno but now I'm...
  2. Wadepat2

    Need a measurement if possible 2uz crank pulley

    Trying to finish up supercharger install and only seeing 4psi boost at sea level. I have GCC spec so trying to confirm crank pulley diameter OD for belt. Outer Edge to outer edge. Anyone have one sitting around they could measure for me. My belt went on super easy and everyone else with SC says...
  3. Wadepat2

    Adding SC to my 99 GCC build thread

    First ever build thread. Any and all questions , concerns, advice and info appreciated. I will be doing all work except for the tuning at a rental garage. It will be slow and then parts will go on pretty quick. For now I'm still acquiring parts while home (Louisiana) before heading back to...
  4. Wadepat2

    Under hood temp and compressor that won't run

    Anyone ever measure temps in engine bay after some heavy off-roading in summer. I only have stock gauge. Needle never goes above half. AC still blows cold and no noticeable issues. On highway needed is 1/8 from cold. My issue is I had TJM pro locker and compressor installed. It stops working as...
  5. Wadepat2

    Thinking of FJ

    Hi FJ group. I am usually in the 100 group and still have that for my daily (Live in Dubai). Thinking of getting my son and FJ in US. I am looking at a 2007 TRD with 158k and a 2010 with 125k. Both in great shape with service records. Anything specific I need to be looking at. 2007 is in 17k...
  6. Wadepat2

    4.7l TRD supercharger question - open loop fuel injection?

    Hi mud, After it was pointed out in the 100 series group I thought I would make a post here for more info. I have a GCC spec LC100 4.7l 1999. It does not have O2 sensors so I guess fuel map is open loop only? Any other year or Toyota engines also run this way? I have also purchased a TRD...
  7. Wadepat2

    Droning rumbling sounds issues

    I have searched and read tons of post but still not sure where I should start. Quick summary. I am an American currently living in Dubai. Purchased a GCC spec 1999 LC 4.7. I plan to bring it back to US after the 25 year mark when I return home. I have been replacing everything with OEM parts...
  8. Wadepat2

    Diff oil advice

    Hi All, I had tjm pro locker installed in front and it's time for first change. Shop recommended 85w-140. Live in Dubai so it's is crazy hot year round. Question is, any reason to not use the same in rear diff with factory e-locker? If not I'll just get jug of each. Best diff oil for rear in...
  9. Wadepat2

    Wheel spacers

    Looking for wheel spacers for 98 LC with stock wheels and tires. Don't want tires past fenders but looking for slightly wider stance with about 1" lift. I was thinking 1" but see everyone going 1.25" Also anyone have spacers In stock?
  10. Wadepat2

    Wiring help for rear lights

    I purchased the yodateq rear brackets and wondering where the best place to run wires should be? GCC spec with lift gate and rear swing out. Think hatch mounting and cable run would be same as US spec.
  11. Wadepat2

    Small TB adjustment for firmer suspension.

    Not really looking to lift my 99 LC and I like the stock ride on highway. I would like just a touch more stiffness. Can I crank Torsion bars up an inch then just add 1" spacer on rear springs to maintain rake? Will this mess up my ride or give me what I'm looking for without having to lift? All...
  12. Wadepat2

    For Sale WTB frame weight damper for LC 100

    Looking to add the frame damper to LC 100. Of you have one with hardware in good shape let me know how much. Don't want to spend 200 to try a new one.
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