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    Leaf Spring Center Pin

    So, I sheared (shore?!) my leaf spring centering pin on my rear leaf pack and the whole axle decided to shift forward on my pack and I guess I am wondering what people use as a heavy duty pin? Something that is unlikely to shear off again? Any good recommendations? (As a side note, I am...
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    craigslist 2007 BMW 328xi

    Up for sale is a 2007 328xi. The craigslist ad is posted here: Ask any questions you want and I will answer! -IIB-
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    Trailer Wiring

    I own a 1988 FJ62, trying to wire it for towing. I found this: Trailer Parts Superstore - Hoppy Toyota T-Connector Kit #43315 It is for an 1984-1994 toy truck, or the Tacos from 95-04. Does anyone know if the wiring plugs are the same as the ones at the back of the FJ62? will this harness...
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    Wanted WTB: ARB Air Locker Parts

    I am currently looking for several parts that I need for my ARB Air Locker. I currently only have the main part, the actual diff, and need the Airlines (if in good shape) and the Locker Solenoid. Also if someone has a heavy duty on-board air compressor for fairly cheap then I might be interested...
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    Stuttering and Stalling

    So my 88 Fj62 is having a few problems. When ever I flex it out, it starts to stutter and die. at first I thought it my be my fuel lines or pump because I would be at some odd angle. But then I was trying to soften my springs a little so I parked on two wheel ramps. One under the front passenger...
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    backspace on stock rims??

    I am just curious if anyone knows what the backspacing is on the Stock FJ62 rims? thanks for the help -Kiel-
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    Wanted WTB full set of shackle bolts for FJ62

    Looking for a full set greasable or non-greasable shackle bolts that will fit an FJ62. Need to be 18mm. Need as soon as possible. Thanks Kiel
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    1st gear pops out

    So I went for the maiden off-roading trip in my cruiser with new manual transmission and transfer case yesterday. Worked GREAT! other than two small problems. One was the clutch slave cylinder seems to leak which made it hard to shift occasionally. The other is the one I need help with. When I...
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    4speed manual into FJ62 HELP PLEASE

    Hello all, So I have done one of the best swaps into and FJ62 ever, other than the H55F, and installed the H4* series 4 speed manual transmission into my FJ62 Landcruiser. I have everything done. I went to start it and nothing. My first thoughts where a ground from the back of the...
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    FJ62 4speed manual conversion

    I am going to be installing a 4speed manual transmission into my 1988 FJ62. I have everything I need, but when I was looking at my 3F bellhousing I noticed that the pivot pint for the clutch fork is missing. Does anyone know where I can get this part? What is it called? Thanks Kiel
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    60 vs 62 Driveshaft lengths

    Does anyone know what length the driveshafts are in a 62 and how they compare to the ones in a 60? I understand they will be different, just curious about exact specifications. Thanks Kiel
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    Throttle Cable not right...(FJ62)

    Won't start.... My cruiser will not start. It turns over and everything sounds fine, battery is okay. The gas pedal did not seem quite right, so I checked out the throttle cable inside the hood, and it looks like one of the two cables is really loose. Not sure if it is supposed to be like this...
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    4Runner Seats

    Hey I have a chance to get two front seats from a 1986 4Runner. They are a killer deal, and i am cruious if anyone knows how comfortable these seats are? Would they be worth the purchase and time to install them? thanks -Kiel-
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    Cold Start battery

    So I went to start up my cruiser this morning, it was cold, but not as cold as it will get. It was 0*F :eek: at 8:00am!!! but back to the point, my cruiser had a tough time starting to turn over, from the battery being really cold, I know this also, cuz the door open alarm with key in was doing...
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    Won't turn left....

    So I just got my FJ62 back from the mechanics. I take it out and drive it around, immediately I notice that the truck will not turn ledt very well. It takes a regular 90* turn that you can make easily and makes me do a 3 point turn to get through it (almost). But when i turn to the right the...
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    Dead Cruiser.....

    So I am having troubles with my cruiser, again....:mad: The appropriate words for this situation should not be said..... But heres the deal.. When I open the door and put the key into the ignition but dont turn it, the door alarm beeps at me telling me the keys are in and the door is opened...
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    Hand Throttle

    I know this may sound dumb, but I have had this on my mind for a long time...Why do FJ62s come stock with hand throttles??? I mean I coud understand if the 62s were manual transmissions, but is there a reason that Mr. Toyoda did it this way? or was it just easier seeing it was the same...
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    So my dad is letting me borrow his rig. Its a 1973 FJ40 with a Chevy 350 in it. It still has the stock 3 speed tranny, which is now shot if Im not mistaken, and we are curious if a 4 speed tranny from a newer cruiser will bolt right up to where the 3 speed was. It has an adapter plate to mount...
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    3fe with 2f block Versus rv cam

    So I recently threw a rod in my FJ62...lame:mad: hahah not even mad anymore! But I am about to do a rebuild on my 3fe and I have a 2f short block that my dad might let me have, or I am going to get an RV cam shaft for the 3fe block. I am curious which of these would add more of a power increase...
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    '91 3fe vs. '88 3fe

    I am possibly in need of a new 3fe, and I have found a possible engine replacement. The only problem is that it is from a 1991 FJ80. I am curious if the output shaft is the same between the 62 3fe and the 80s 3fe. If not that means I need to get the tranny as well? and should that just bolt up...
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