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  1. Borg54

    80 Series Climate Control Teardown & Rebuild

    I had some issues with reassembling my Climate Control so after I figured out the problems I thought I would help others with a video.
  2. Borg54

    Climate Control Rebuild Question

    Jason, That’s exactly what happened. Spent hours diagnosing. Turns out the “auto” gets depressed when reassembling. The switch blank needs to be removed so the button behind it can “snap” into the insureds auto switch before the blank it reinstalled 🤦🏼‍♂️
  3. Borg54

    Climate Control Rebuild Question

    I have been rebuilding my climate control and I am running into an issue with the top row of buttons. On the unit before disassembly only one button on the top row could be selected at a time. After I put everything back together the top row of buttons won’t select. They can be pushed but they...
  4. Borg54

    Replacing Gauge Cluster Lens

    Anyone know if there is a difference between the ‘94 and ‘95 gauge cluster lenses? All the lenses I am finding are for ‘95 on
  5. Borg54

    Wanted FZJ80 passenger corner lens amber

    These look like they are in really nice shape. I have found one and ordered it but it's taking a while. I am going to reach out to them today and if they don't ship soon, ill order from you.
  6. Borg54

    Wanted FZJ80 passenger corner lens amber

    Looking for the passenger amber corner lens. Thanks for any help!
  7. Borg54

    SOLD Reno, NV - FJ55 Body Parts

    Are these still available?
  8. Borg54

    Upgrade Pedals?

    Hey All, I am new here but I am enjoying the forum! I searched and was unable to find my answer, my appologies if this has been covered. Has anyone upgraded or swapped the entire pedal box? I know anything can be done with enough time and effort but curious if anyone has already done this? The...
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