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  1. Rollinn

    For Sale SoCal - Mint 3rd row seats for FZJ80 out of LX450.

    Have a set of mint condition, never sat in seats. Have been stored inside my closet covered and regularly have been treated with leather conditioner to keep leather soft and supple. Nicest mint condition 80 series 3rd row you will find. Includes seat belts etc. Local pick up in Orange County
  2. Rollinn

    For Sale SoCal - Brand New 9” ARB Solis LED Flood Lights.

    Brand new in box, 9” ARB Solis LED, comes with switch harness etc. $625
  3. Rollinn

    For Sale SoCal - Brand New set of Spidertrax 1.5” spacers Toyota 6x5.5

    Brand new in box set of 2 prs (4 total) wheel spacers. $240 for the set I also have another full set of identical spacers I put on yesterday on my 80 I will be removing today and will be up for grabs as well. Didn’t drive on them. The wheels I have have way to negative of an offset and tires...
  4. Rollinn

    For Sale SoCal - Brand New ARB Roof Rack 80/100 series

    Up for grabs is a Brand New ARB roof rack. Never installed. Also comes with the bracket kit. Part # 3800200 roof rack Part # 3700050 bracket kit This is a hard rack to get. It’s VERY heavy duty and not like the other brands that are thin and wonky mounting brackets. This will out last your 80...
  5. Rollinn

    Wanted Looking for OE Front Bumper for 80 Series Land Cruiser LX450. SoCal Pickup

    Hey gents, Looong for an original OE front bumper for a 80 series land cruiser. Going on a 97 LX450 Located in SoCal and prefer local pickup
  6. Rollinn

    Wanted LX450 Headlight pass needed

    Hey guys, looking for a pass side headlight from an LX450. Mine is from a land cruiser and design is a tick off. Willing to trade the land cruiser one if anyone is interested. Thanks all
  7. Rollinn

    Bolt size for battery ground on engine block (1FZ-FE)

    Hey guys, I rebuilt my engine and seemingly have lost the bolt for the engine block (1FZ-FE) that the battery ground hooks up to.. Does anyone know that bolt size ? Thanks in advance
  8. Rollinn

    Wanted SoCal, LX450 Grille needed

    Hey guys. Wrapping up my LX450 build and in search of a LX450 center grille only. Do not need the bezels under the lights. Mine is fine, just came installed with clearance lights. Which some may like, I prefer a clean OE look. If anyone has a spare lying around, please dm me. Thanks in...
  9. Rollinn

    1FZ-FE intake Manifold Broken Sensor Inquiry

    Hey All, I have a intake manifold with a broken sensor or bung of some sort and unclear if wtf it is or if it’s important and what the part is to replace if so. No wires just a vacuum hose. Any have an idea of what this dohicker is and what it does? Thanks you!
  10. Rollinn

    How to tell if Oil Pump in a 1FZ-FE is good or failing?

    Hey guys, I pulled the engine out of our 97 LX450. It's at the machine shop now. Question is this, how would i know if the oil pump, rotor etc would need to be replaced. The oil pump cover has a small piece missing from the cover. Doesnt leak bit will be replacing that cover anyway. When we...
  11. Rollinn

    Advice on Engine Rebuilders for a 1FZ-FE 80 Series Engine in SoCal

    Hey all, I am looking for some advice as to who everyone can recommend to help with a rebuild for my 97 LX450 engine. We just pulled it out yesterday and no i am in need of some advice as to a solid engine rebuilder that has worked on the 1FZ-FE engine. We pulled it out ourselves to save on...
  12. Rollinn

    Wanted LX450 Passenger Front Fender Flare

    Hey all, I'm looking for a passenger front flare for my LX450. Color doesn't matter as I'm just rhino lining it. My current one for whatever reason keep bubbling the coating after 2 attempts. Prep is proper and all other mounding is fine, for whatever reason this pesky one won't hold. Any...
  13. Rollinn

    Wanted Looking for a used 1FZFE Engine for 97 LX450 in SoCal

    Hey all, I am in need of a used 1FZFE engine for my LX450. I do not have the budget for a rebuilt engine and the one in here now is on its way out any day. Looking for someone that may be parting out there 80 with a solid 4.5L that will get me by for a few yrs while i can get my affairs in...
  14. Rollinn

    96 LX450 Engine Oil w/ metallic present diagnosis

    Hey All Ok I seem to have struck gold, not in a good way. Had a knocking sound 2500 rpm and above. We put a oil pressure gauge on the engine and it's about 1/2 of where the FSM states we should be. Drained the oil and looks like a ton of fine metallic inside. Is this a sign this 1fz has had...
  15. Rollinn

    Help w/ Noise Diagnosis FZJ80 engine

    Hey all, I am thinking of picking up a 96 lx450 w/ 101k miles. My only concern is the noise coming from engine. Clueless what it may be. My other 96 lx450 has 249k miles and MUCH quiteter than this guy. Does anyone recognize this noise and maybe direct me with what it may be? Here is the...
  16. Rollinn

    Wanted Looking for Power Front Seats 97 FZJ80 (brown/oak) - trade for my Corbeau Baja XRS

    Hey All, Will give this another crack at it. Still in need of a pr of front seats for my 97 40th Anniversary LC. Need them in brown/oak color. I have some Corbeau XRS baja seats with the 80 brackets from Corbeau in there now. Looking to switch back as im doing a full resto and would look...
  17. Rollinn

    Wanted SoCal - Looking for FZJ80 OEM Front Power Seats

    Hey all, I'm in need of some OEM front leather power seats for my 97 LC. Preferably not completely tore to shreds. And would prefer something local as shipping may be too much and not looking to spend a whole lot. I have some black Corbeau Baja XRS seats in there now that i am looking at...
  18. Rollinn

    Wanted SoCal - FZJ80 OEM Floor Mats Oak / Brown , Rear tailgate carpet

    Hey all, Looking for OEM Floor Mats in good shape for a 97 LC. I have weathertech and hate them. Interfer with gas pedal and mold is just off. If anyone has some brown / Oak OE mats they want to get rid of please let me know. I really only need front but if you have a full set i will entertain...
  19. Rollinn

    Wanted SoCal - 80 Series Land Cruiser Beige/Tan OEM Floor Mats

    Hey all, I'm looking for the OEM carpet floor mats for my 97 Land Cruiser. Have the weather tech and they fit like crap and do not allow the gas to go all the way down and just overall not a great fit. So if anyone has some clean carpet mats they want to get rid of please DM me. Thanks in...
  20. Rollinn

    Wanted SoCal - 80 Series Front Seats

    Hey all, Looking for a pair of front seats for my 97 LC. Looking for the seats to have all the power adjustment knobs to be original and functional. Leather not uber important as I plan on replacing it anyway. But would like the foam to not look like a mouse found a block of cheese. I would...
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