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  1. blklnamru

    SOLD  Tundra wheels with tires (LT275/65/18) (SoCal)

    Hi all, For sale are a set of Tundra aluminum wheels (18’s) with Hankook Dynapro ATM’s LT275/65/18. They probably have 50-60% tread left. I’ve easily put 25k on them on my crosscountry roadtrips in the last two years. Asking $500; however price is OBO, especially for MUD I live and work in the...
  2. blklnamru

    DIY: Sunroof Weatherstrip Replacement

    So since last year November time frame, I've have a leak from my sunroof. After cleaning the drains, the rails, and everything possible, I was able to isolate the issue to a bad weatherstrip. I bought the replacement, but never had the time then since I was T-1 week to leave on my 7k mile road...
  3. blklnamru

    Steering Wheel alignment

    To give a back story... last week a purchased a set of HK Dynapro ATM's (275/65/18) and have really liked them so far, as quietness, ride quality and grip is concerned. Unrelated, I also pulled the battery this weekend to clean the terminals, engine bay etc (in process hood fell twice on my head...
  4. blklnamru

    Cross-Country Road Trip Preps

    Hi All, Been a long time lurker, and more recently purchased a new to us (as of June ’16) 03LX470. Love the car so far and its really capable from the small trips I’ve done. To cut to the chase, my wife and I are looking to do a cross-country trip this December. Plan is CA to NY for a friend’s...
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